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How to apply LUTs to Log footage - Final Cut Pro X video tutorial!
Posted by Michal, motionVFX Team
March 28, 2015, at 1:41 AM

Ben Consoli is not only the host of the Go Creative Show, but he also writes tutorials for Premiumbeat and this time he will teach you how to make Log footage pop using built-in LUTs in Final Cut Pro X. First of all Ben emphasizes that it is important to remember that you should always edit with a Lookup Table or LUT because usually the Log footage can be desaturated and just look bad. But in reality Log footage holds a lot of information on color and LUTs can be very handy because these algorithm allow you to stylize your footage and can dramatically change the look of it. And thanks to the recent update to Final Cut Pro X, the non-linear editor allows you to convert Log footage using built-in LUTs for most popular camera brands.


"In the following Final Cut Pro X tutorial, we’ll take a look at how this process is performed in FCPX, using a variety of different videos from multiple cameras to show you how FCPX converts each Log clip differently."


Learn how to make a 1000W equivalent LED flashlight for less than $40!
Posted by Michal, motionVFX Team
March 28, 2015, at 12:58 AM

As we all know lighting the set can be a challenge and if you need a light that is incredibly bright, the cost of it can be high. Luckily nowadays you can use LEDs or you can make your very own lighting solution and here's an amazing ad very detailed video tutorial by DIY Perks in which you will see how to make a 1000W equivalent LED flashlight! You will see in the video, that this flashlight can not only be operated with just one hand and offers easy control of brightness, but it can also be built for as little as £25 (less than $40)! Besides it offers amazing brightness and is wide, so can be useful in filmmaking scenarios and the video should give you a few ideas on how you could use such a flashlight in your projects.



Blackmagic URSA PL review - 4K, 16lbs, built-in 10 inch monitor and more!
Posted by Michal, motionVFX Team
March 28, 2015, at 12:02 AM

The Blackmagic URSA is one of the most interesting cinema cameras on the market, but there aren't many tests of it yet. Brian Hallett of ProVideo Coalition wrote a nice review of the camera, and he compares it to the ARRI ALEXA and the RED One. He feels that the URSA can be a perfect choice for all kind of projects, though it might not be the best run & gun camera. Brian's friends were in need of a music video for their You Knew Me When music project, so he decided to help them in achieving this task and he took this opportunity to test the URSA. A great thing about the review is that Brian shares many video samples, so you can see how the URSA performs. What Brian loves about this camera is that it is able to produce a truly cinematic look and he also discovered that Blackmagic took the time to perfect the slow motion because it does not feel like video.


"Additionally, I loved how a shooter can choose any frame rate he/she wants. Any speed up to 80fps in 3:1 4K raw and 1080 to 30fps in 4K Lossless raw. In the music video I shot we captured all the performance at 48fps and most of the broll at 80 fps.  If I was shooting a driving shot or something and I wanted a touch smoother I'd have the option of shooting at 36 fps. Plus, no more conforming slow motion in your NLE, with the URSA you set your project to a frame rate and the slow motion footage is captured/played back in slow motion."

Brian wonders why the URSA is not too popular even though it's a great product. He thinks that the problem is that a lot of potential customers have come from the world of DLSR, so many of them would need to upgrade their gear and accessories.


"They're allergic to large cameras, and without seeing a lot of sensor options offered up they may not believe in the user upgradability of this camera.

Why should this camera take off?  4K ProRes 444 files with 12bit color. Who else, at this price, is offering that. This camera has a very cinematic 80fps with a likely upgrade to higher frame rates. Hopefully Blackmagic comes out with more sensor options at NAB2015... the more options the better. Monitors built into the camera. There is absolutely no reason to put another monitor, other than an EVF, on this camera. This camera has the potential to be a  darling if Blackmagic can move the design and features forward."

For much more head over to the full version of the review - click here.


Beastgrip Pro - versatile lens adapter and rig system for (probably) all smartphones!
Posted by Michal, motionVFX Team
March 27, 2015, at 1:26 AM

From time to time Kickstarter is the source of a great product for filmmakers and this time there's something for those who love to shoot videos with their smartphones. The product is called Beastgrip Pro and even though there are still 28 to go if you want to back this project, the creators achieved their goal and Beastgrip already has 500 backers! But let's move on to some details on the product itself. It is a versatile lens adapter and rig system for probably all smartphones - the creators found out that having a single device that adapts to every phone increases efficiency and brings a world of new possibilities to create the content you want. The rig is strong, functional, offers great adaptability and it transforms from a basic tripod mount to a full-featured professional rig in no time! Check out the video below for more details:


In order to get the Beastgrip Pro you need to pledge at least $70 - a really fair price for such a versatile device. 

"The Beastgrip Pro has a 37mm threaded lens mount that can be used with a wide variety of conversion lenses, filters and DOF adapters (DOF adapters need to be combined with an SLR lens).

With the high demand of today's clip-on lens users, we've completely redesigned our lens mount assembly. Our new lens mount is removable, allowing you to attach a mobile clip-on lens to your phone AND use the Beastgrip Pro for better handling, attaching a tripod mount and/or accessories, etc."

Here's an example of a project created with the help of the previous version of the rig:


If you want to back this project or find out more, follow this link.


Pixar's Renderman now free for non-commercial use!
Posted by Andrzej, motionVFX Team
March 26, 2015, at 8:05 AM

Pixar has come up with quite an announcement: you can now download and use their RenderMan for absolutely no charge, as long as it’s for non-commercial purposes. No feature limitations, no watermarks, the free RenderMan will be fully operational. The official RenderMan webpage explains:

Non-Commercial RenderMan is functionally identical to the commercial version used by creative artists the world over, offering free and complete access to its capabilities. There are no limitations except that Non-Commercial RenderMan is node-locked and does not have a floating network license. Upon installation and acceptance of the EULA, Non-Commercial RenderMan should only thereafter be used for non-commercial purposes.

In case of any doubts about what falls into the non-commercial use category, please have a look at the extensive FAQ section dedicated to the free RenderMan version. In general, by non-commercial use, Pixar means ‘any usage that does not generate direct profits’ (‘direct’ is the key word here). The dedicated FAQ section also answers plenty of other questions, from general to very specific.

You’ll find the non-commercial RenderMan download link, as well as other useful information and links at here. An additional piece of news from Pixar is that the Renderman's standard licence price has been lowered to $495.



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