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4K and beyond - Quantel's solutions for professional content creators!
Posted by Andrzej, motionVFX Team
February 26, 2015, at 11:57 AM

Quantel is one of the world’s leaders in delivering professional tools for media professionals. The company offers a wide variety of products for post production; news, sports & live production; management, control & monitoring; and infrastructure. Their Pablo Rio color and finishing system at the end of 2014 made the some big headlines, as it was used to complete David Fincher’s Gone Girl (world’s first 6K feature). Light Iron’s CEO, Michael Cioni said back then (quote from

Together with Quantel we boosted our Pablo Rios and built the world’s first 8K DI system, giving us 6K playback in realtime, in multiple rooms. Pablo Rio and GE2 is the future; its power and storage is unbeatable as the industry looks to 4K workflows and beyond

In the latest press release, Quantel boasts about their product being sold to yet another post house: South Wales (UK) based Dragon (info via

Dragon provides creative, technical and digital media expertise for the film, television and media industry. The facility has established itself as an industry leader in audio visual services, film restoration and film digital delivery for clients such as the Imperial War Museum and the British Film Institute.

As we read in the press release, the Dragon post house has purchased Pablo Rio 4K color and finishing system along with Pablo Pa and a Neo panel for 4K color and finishing. Such a combination should allow the Dragon to be well equipped for 4K 60p (and beyond) real time workflow, when the 4K settles in for good.

You also might want to have a look at Quantel’s short promo video for Pablo Rio 4K workflow:

You can read more about each of the products at Quantel’s home page in the products tab.


Keep the color grading inside FCPX with Color Finale - great plugin from Color Grading Central!
Posted by Andrzej, motionVFX Team
February 26, 2015, at 9:42 AM

Some good news for all those who’d like to color grade inside the Final Cut Pro - our good friend Denver Riddle from Color Grading Central has come up with a new exciting Final Cut Pro plugin: Color Finale. Basically, it's a layer based color plugin allowing you to grade using color wheels, curves and vectors and as well as apply LUTs - all enclosed in a handy free-floating separate window

Here’s how the official page describes the plugin’s features:

Layer Based Grading

The power and elegance of grading via layers.  We incorporate the best features of image editing applications.

Telecine Tools

Industry standard 3 Way Color Corrector and RGB Curves.  We incorporate the best that the telecine suite has to offer.

LUT Utility

Apply industry standard Look Up Tables like OSIRIS and ImpulZ to accurately emulate the look of 35mm film.

Vector Grading

Powerful vector based grading to apply quick and accurate secondaries.

There are also two videos available -  the first of them is a demo showing the capabilities of the plugin and comparing ungraded and graded footage, and the second, which is a short demonstration how to work with Color Finale:

There's also a 4K upload available on YouTube here. Color Finale is currently available for purchase for $99, but you can also dowload the free 7-days trial version.  You may find the links in the product page at here.


71 Apple Motion feature requests - Motion wishlist compiled by Alex Gollner
Posted by Andrzej, motionVFX Team
February 24, 2015, at 9:22 PM

Some may complain that  Motion is neglected by Apple – the updates are there, but they’re not as significant as those for Final Cut Pro. In the past we’ve mentioned a couple of ‘wishlists’ for FCP, and this time we bring your attention to a recent post by Alex Gollner, in which, inspired by Richard Taylor's Final Cut Pro X Top Requests Master List, he compiled a list of ‘71 Apple Motion feature upgrades’.

Alex reminds that the majority of improvements in Motion’s updates related to bug fixes in FCPX, and move on to present the 71 suggestions – regarding user interface, functionality, and features.

Only to mention a couple:

  • Keyframable and publishable shape points
  • More Drop Zone clip information available in Motion
  • Parent timeline properties available to Motion
  • Multiple Inspectors
  • Inspector history

To view the list, with more details on the suggestions, please follow this link to Alex’s blog.

Alex also encourages everyone to send in feedback, including your own propositions as to what else should be added – you may send these in to the email address he provided:


RED announces WEAPON - a killer upgrade that'll be shown in full at NAB '15!
Posted by Andrzej, motionVFX Team
February 24, 2015, at 8:24 PM

Last year’s RED booth at NAB show was an object of a few jokes due to almost no significant gear to show, but it appears that in 2015, RED team is preparing a real blast – RED’s announcing WEAPON. First some info from Jarred Land’s post at (written on Feb 19):

For everyone with a Dragon... NAB is gonna be awesome.
For everyone that hasn't upgraded yet.... you are best to get that done before the show.
It will be worth it.

With the following photo:

Here's some explanation of RED’s policy from Jarred:

Weapon is a natural progression of our company going from sensor > body > sensor > body. Its the same path we have taken since day one. R1 came along, then we made the new MX sensor. Epic came along with a new body and used the same MX sensor. Then the Dragon sensor came along and it worked with the same body as Epic. Now there is a new body, Weapon, and it follows the same path. Then there will be a new sensor that comes next, and then a new body after that. Rinse and Repeat.

In truth, almost all that is known, is that it’s going to be an upgrade for all DRAGON’s. Throughout the lengthy conversation in the topic of WEAPON, Jarred only provides a handful of information about the lenses (lens mounts stay the same) or media (new SSD minimag module)

Jarred also confesses:

Adult Supervision is gonna kill me for talking so much about Weapon two whole months before NAB... But apart from my incredible lack of ability to continue to keep this bottled up from excitement, letting you know the auxiliary effects the new has on the old is one of the biggest reasons why it is important to share with you a bit of info tonight.... So you guys have enough runway to sort things out.

And a few posts further adds, he’d love to provide more details (pricing, tech details), but he can’t reveal too much, explaining that the competition is also reading the RED forum.

We can joke about the name, and the airport security being suspicious of big letters on the camera’s side saying ‘RED WEAPON’, and you explaining 'it’s for shooting', but putting the jokes aside, with the suspense RED team has began to spin, we have the right to believe this is going to be a real killer.

You may view the topic at here. We’ll keep you posted if any more info comes up.


Adobe Photoshop, probably the most popular imaging software, turned 25!
Posted by Michal, motionVFX Team
February 20, 2015, at 2:33 AM

It's time for a small celebration because as it turns out, Adobe Photoshop, probably the most popular and renowned imaging software (and this is not a marketing slogan), turned 25! But it all began already in 1987, when Thomas Knoll developed a pixel imaging program called Display. It was a simple program to showcase grayscale images on a black-and-white monitor. However, after collaborating with his brother, John Knoll, the two began adding features that made it possible to process digital image files. The program eventually caught the attention of industry influencers, and in 1989, Adobe made the decision to license the software, naming it Photoshop and shipping the first version in 1990. After many years Thomas Knoll revealed, that Adobe thought they'd be selling about 500 copies of Photoshop a month - a huge understatement as you can imagine.

“For 25 years, Photoshop has inspired artists and designers to craft images of stunning beauty and reality-bending creativity,” said Shantanu Narayen, Adobe president and chief executive officer. “From desktop publishing, to fashion photography, movie production, website design, mobile app creation and now 3D Printing, Photoshop continues to redefine industries and creative possibilities. And today that Photoshop magic is available to millions of new users, thanks to Adobe Creative Cloud.”

It is worth adding that the success of Photoshop helped Adobe deliver other creative and popular tools - such as Premiere Pro and After Effects. The company believes that the secret of Photoshop’s massive popularity has been its constantly evolving capabilities and an incredible pipeline of deep image science. This pipeline of innovation is now getting to customers faster than ever before, with Photoshop and Lightroom desktop and mobile apps constantly updated, as part of Adobe Creative Cloud.

"To celebrate this Photoshop milestone, Adobe is showcasing 25 of the most creative visual artists under 25 who use Photoshop. To be considered, artists upload their projects to Behance and use the tag “Ps25Under25.” In the coming months, those selected will take over the Photoshop Instagram handle (@Photoshop) for two weeks and present their work for the world to see. Fredy Santiago, a 24-year old Mexican-American artist and illustrator based in Ventura, California will be the first to display his incredible images, beginning today".



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