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Final Cut Pro X epicenter at NAB '15!
Posted by Andrzej, motionVFX Team
April 22, 2015, at 8:47 AM

Just as gear and software manufacturers had their booths at NAB, Final Cut Pro had its place as well. Owing to FCPWORKS, visitors to Las Vegas had the opportunity to participate in a series of presentations over three days. There has been a large variety of topics – all of them highlighting the features and functionality of FCPX. As info in their website reads:

FCPWORKS was proud to offer a special NAB Final Cut Pro X Presentation Suite. This served as the epicenter of Final Cut Pro X at NAB 2015. We presented the latest products, workflows, opinions, and opinion makers in a series of curated presentations.

There’s some good news for all those who didn’t have the opportunity to be there – FCPWORKS made seventeen presentations available in their YouTube channel. In the first of them - Presentation Suite Keynote – Chris Fenwick and Sam Mestman outline the presentations:

Among the videos made available you’ll find:

Mark Spencer withincredible tips for creating effects, generators, transitions and filters using Motion in conjunction with FCPX. With a special look at new 3D titles and effects” – new features that have been implemented in the latest FCPX/Motion update; Mike Matzdorff presenting the workflow of Focus – a large Hollywood production edited with Final Cut Pro X; or Isaac Wayton, TED editor, discussing the entire process after their switch to FCPX.

Each of the uploaded videos is approximately 30 to 60 minutes long, so book some time, choose the topic of your interest and enjoy some first-hand knowledge and experience.


Apple's pro apps get a big update! New features in Final Cut Pro, Motion and Compressor!
Posted by Andrzej, motionVFX Team
April 20, 2015, at 8:50 AM

Final Cut Pro X is alive and kicking - Apple has released a new update 10.2 with numerous improvements, the new 5.2 version of Motion is really sizeable compared to its previous updates, and the Compressor’s new 4.2  also introduces a couple of new features. So, what’s new in Final Cut Pro X? Info at answers:

Final Cut Pro 10.2 takes motion graphics to the big screen with incredible 3D titles, advanced masking tools, and effects enhancements that make it faster and easier to get the perfect look. Final Cut Pro X also adds support for cutting-edge camera formats and includes a number of other improvements, making the best-selling version of Final Cut Pro even better.

Among the most significant, the list of changes in 10.2 includes (after

  • 3D titles - Create beautiful 3D titles that you can customize and animate in a few simple steps.
  • Advanced effects - New controls for color grading, masking, and more let you get the perfect look in record time.
  • More supported formats - Work natively with a wider range of formats and edit faster than ever with GPU-accelerated support for RED RAW.

You’ll find more information in the overview here in the release notes here.

Among changes introduced to Motion with 5.2 version, you’ll find:

  • 3D titles - Easily create beautiful 2D and 3D titles that you can animate with drag-and-drop behaviors and intuitive text animation tools. Dynamic, real-time feedback makes it easy to experiment freely.
  • More supported formats – Panasonic’s AVC-Ultra codec family, Sony’s XAVC S and JVC’s H.264 Long GOP
  • Additional features – including 12 new generators, improved keyframing, improved mask and shape creation, or improved performance on Intel-based GPUs

You’ll find more information in the overview here or in the release notes here.

And some on the Compressor’s new 4.2 side:

  • Hardware-accelerated, multi-pass H.264 encoding on compatible systems
  • Automatic bit-rate calculation to MPEG-4 and H.264 QuickTime movies
  • GPU rendering when using "Send to Compressor" with support for dual GPUs

You’ll find more information in the overview here or in the release notes here.

Just remember to backup important files before updating!


Canon's new 4K hybrid camera - the $2,499 XC10
Posted by Andrzej, motionVFX Team
April 9, 2015, at 12:18 PM

Aside from the C300 Mk II, Canon announced one more camera – the XC10. The XC10 is a hybrid camera that has been presented during an event in China by Jackie Chan himself – there have been plenty of rumors on that gearpiece, since no specs or even a name has been presented, except for the fact it’s going to be a 4K cam. This one’s called the ‘EOS cameras companion’ and theoretically was aimed as a B or C camera. With the features and specs it has (and the price), it falls somewhere in between consumer and pro camera.

Here’s the official promo video for XC10:

With the ability to shoot 8bit 4:2:2 4K internally, 12 stops DR, decent ISO range, several video-oriented features like the rotated handgrip, XC10 may become an interesting option for journalists and all kind of run-and-gun shooters. One drawback could be the fixed lens lacking servo zoom, which could tilt the potential buyers into choosing a DSLR. 

For a list of specs, please follow this link to Canon UK official PDF spec sheet. The XC10 is available for pre-order with a $2,499 price tag.


LG spills info on Apple's 8K iMac plans?
Posted by Andrzej, motionVFX Team
April 9, 2015, at 8:44 AM

Literally all Apple newspages and blogs jumped onto a piece published by LG, in which the news of Apple planning to release 8K iMacs later this year has been spilled. The strange thing, however, is that the news is nowhere to be found anymore, and all links leading directly to it will get you nowhere but to main page.

Almost all the newspages that reported LG’s press release quoted the excerpt:

Apple has also announced that they will release the ‘iMac 8K’ with a super-high resolution display later this year.

And correctly commented that Apple has announced nothing of this sort. It also would be extremely strange to allow any of their providers to publish such a news, even if it were true.

You don’t publish a press release accidentally, definitely not if you're a player of LG's caliber. Could’ve been an April Fools joke (posted on March 31), but why would it be removed from the site, then? Also, here’s a resolution comparison image that reportedly appeared in LG’s press release, reposted on many newspages (the proportions are seriously out of scale). This one’s taken from


Pixar's Renderman now free for non-commercial use!
Posted by Andrzej, motionVFX Team
March 26, 2015, at 8:05 AM

Pixar has come up with quite an announcement: you can now download and use their RenderMan for absolutely no charge, as long as it’s for non-commercial purposes. No feature limitations, no watermarks, the free RenderMan will be fully operational. The official RenderMan webpage explains:

Non-Commercial RenderMan is functionally identical to the commercial version used by creative artists the world over, offering free and complete access to its capabilities. There are no limitations except that Non-Commercial RenderMan is node-locked and does not have a floating network license. Upon installation and acceptance of the EULA, Non-Commercial RenderMan should only thereafter be used for non-commercial purposes.

In case of any doubts about what falls into the non-commercial use category, please have a look at the extensive FAQ section dedicated to the free RenderMan version. In general, by non-commercial use, Pixar means ‘any usage that does not generate direct profits’ (‘direct’ is the key word here). The dedicated FAQ section also answers plenty of other questions, from general to very specific.

You’ll find the non-commercial RenderMan download link, as well as other useful information and links at here. An additional piece of news from Pixar is that the Renderman's standard licence price has been lowered to $495.



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