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Camera movement workshops: The Directing Motion Tour. 32 US cities in 9 weeks
Posted by Andrzej, motionVFX Team
April 23, 2014, at 8:13 AM

A couple of days ago we brought to you an example of how camera movement in a popular tv series Breaking Bad can enhance your storytelling. Now an opportunity arises to participate in a workshop that’ll teach you ‘how, when and WHY to move the camera’. Vincent Laforet announced in his blog that a series of workshops called ‘Directing Motion Tour’ will take place in 32 cities in the US starting from 6 May in Philadelphia.
Vincent says that the Directing Motion Tour will base on what’s been discussed during Alex Buono’s ‘The Art of Visual Storytelling’, as both are run by the same group.

Vincent tells us more about this workshop in his blog entry:

For a few decades now, I’ve promised myself that one day I would be lucky enough to have a big home theater, and that I would sit back and watch all of my favorite films and to break them down scene by scene…  Problem is:  I never found the time, and when I did watch them, I would more often than not fall right under their spell:  and out went any chance of analysis.

He explains further that after an accident, as he was recuperating, he finally got round to it:

I ordered nearly 100 BluRays of my favorite films and a few key TV series, and watched them while taking copious notes. In all I’ve already spent close to 300 hours analyzing my favorite films and scenes… and I have more than 400 examples to share that I will surely have to decimate down to the very best ones…

The full price is $295 and it includes:

  • Daytime movement & direction workshop
  • Evening applied theory seminar
  • Daytime movement & direction workshop HD DVD download
  • Free NAB 2015 pass

Please visit Vincent’s blog entry for more information, or head on directly to the workshop page, where you'll also be able to register. Click here to see the workshop entire schedule.

Source: http://blog.vincentlaforet.com

New Film Scene episode: Shooting Outdoors - nice video with many useful tips!
Posted by Michal, motionVFX Team
April 23, 2014, at 2:16 AM

NextWaveDV published a new episode of the Film Scene - a series of video tutorials for limited budget filmmakers. In the latest video the authors will show you how they produced an ad for a podiatery clinic. They had to travel to the edge of a waterfall to shoot some sweeping jib shots (looked a bit dangerous if you ask me) then they moved to a stream to shoot slow-motion for a visual effects shot. The team decided to use the sun as the backlight whenever possible, they also used a lot of gear which they demonstrate in this episode. In general Film Scene is a very nice series of behind the scenes videos, the authors always share many useful tips and give you many advices, so it's definitely worth checking out!



Sony A7 Series Shooter’s Guide, recommended lenses for the Sony A7/A7R/A7S!
Posted by Michal, motionVFX Team
April 23, 2014, at 1:37 AM

Andrew Reid of EOS HD has a lot of experience in shooting with DSLR and mirrorless cameras and from time to time he also publishes absolutely great guides in which you can find all the info you need to shoot amazing videos. This time he wrote a book on lenses for the Sony A7 / A7R / A7S. If you shoot with one of these camera models, you probably wonder which are the best lenses for your unit. Andrew explores lenses priced from $50 to $3,000 and the guide contains 108 pages of information to help you. In the book you will also find a chapter on lens adapters, as well as some useful cautions in the book – problems to watch out for with particular lenses.

"You might make some interesting discoveries in the book. I certainly did. Certain lenses have unique properties and look amazing on full frame Sony sensors.

The e-book is based on over 5 years worth of buying and using lenses for full frame cameras. With the mirrorless mount on the A7 I can use everything I own, aside from my Micro Four Thirds lenses.

Of course the book is written fresh from my own hands-on shooting experience (both stills and video) with all the lenses on my Sony A7R. Lenses of all price ranges are considered. You don’t need to spend a lot to get stunning results."

And here's the table of contents:

  • Canon EF
  • Canon and Nikon by third party manufacturers
  • Canon FD
  • Nikon
  • Pentax
  • Olympus OM
  • Leica R
  • Contax Zeiss
  • Zeiss Jena DDR
  • Small and compact (various mounts)
  • Affordable / retro (various mounts)
  • Special purpose / rare (various mounts)
  • Lens adapters
  • 6 strongly recommended lenses
  • Jargon buster
  • Sample shots

The guilde is available for the price of $19.99 and you can get your copy here.


New MacBreak Studio episode - fixing titles in Final Cut Pro X!
Posted by Michal, motionVFX Team
April 23, 2014, at 12:53 AM

The new episode of MacBreak Studio is finally here and Steve Martin and Mark Spencer focus their attention once again on Final Cut Pro X. This time they will try to help you avoid spelling mistakes. Final Cut Pro X has a built-in spellchecker, but no tool is perfect and if you work with titles, include people's names in your projects, etc., and want to be sure that everything is correct, take profit of the power of the combination of the Timeline Index and the Find and Replace Title Text command. Mark reports that in the latest episode Steve focuses specifically on demonstrating how you can use the Timeline Index function to methodically check all your titles.

"Because it contains a list of them all in order, and because selecting a title in this list both selects the title and moves the playhead to its start point, you can quickly and confidently review every single title in your project. Without using the Timeline Index, it can be easy to miss a title, particular in long-form documentary work, where you might have dozens of lower thirds introducing interview subjects.

If you find individual errors, you can simply double-click the title in the timeline to highlight the first word - and use the arrow keys in the Viewer to navigate word-by-word through the title.

If, however, you discover a consistent series of mistakes across multiple titles - as in the misspelling of a last name that is used repeatedly in the example shown here - Final Cut Pro X has a great command (found in the Edit menu) that lets you replace all instances of that word in a single keystroke."


Adobe soon to cease Volume Sales of CS6!
Posted by Andrzej, motionVFX Team
April 22, 2014, at 9:07 AM

A few days ago Larry Jordan posted in his blog that Adobe will discontinue sales of CS6 after June 1, but the post has now been updated – it will only be the volume sales, rather than the whole CS6. So, it’s Adobe’s CS6 Cumulative Licensing Program (CLP) and Transactional Licensing Program (TLP) that will be halted (to learn more about TLP and CLP click here).

Here’s info from Adobe that Larry posted in his blog entry:

  • Individual copies of all CS6 software will continue to be available for sale and download after June 1 on Adobe’s website.
  • This message was sent to indicate that volume licenses of CS6 software will not be sold after June 1. (Though Adobe could have done a lot better job with the wording.)
  • However, support for all CS6 products will continue past the June 1 date. “Support will continue as long as feasible – no firm date on dropping it, it’s all dependent on OS / Platform viability, so some ways off yet.”
  • For those that need DVD / Blu-ray Disk authoring, “Encore CS6 will remain an entitlement to CC subscribers, there is no plan on changing that.”
  • However, if you are not a CC subscriber, you would be well advised to purchase Encore before the June 1 deadline, if you see yourself needing DVD or Blu-ray authoring in the future, as the software won’t be available separately after the June 1 date.

This shouldn't come as a surprise, nor should a complete CS6 sales and support halt in the future, since the CC caught on rather well. To sum up: CS6 is still available for individuals and the support continues – for now, and there’s no info how long that’s going to be. We’ll keep you posted.



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