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Motion 5 / FCP

Are your plugins compatible with the new Apple Silicon computers?
My plugins stopped working after updating to Final Cut Pro 10.5 or Motion 5.5
I see a red "Missing Media" screen/alert after updating Final Cut Pro / Motion.
I see the plugin registration dialog when Sending to Compressor from FCP 10.5 / Motion 5.5
I see a red screen with yellow exclamation mark in the viewport in FCP.
After applying my clips to a Drop Zone, some of them only display a still frame ( frozen frame ) or are offset in time, why?
Can I change the duration of a project without retiming?
My Motion 5 / FCP is crashing when I am trying to use your product.
The [Apply Clip] button is greyed out and I cannot accept the footage selected from the Event browser
Can I use Motion 5 template in FCP?
While placing a footage on the Drop Zone the [Apply Clip] button is grayed out
I see a checkerboard in the exported video.
My FCP/Motion 5/Mac slow down when using your product
Do you support Compressor?
Text in a product that I am using is missing letters or is displaying random characters.
When opening your product in Motion 5, I am notified that there are several filters, generators and/or effects missing.
Do your products support 4K resolutions?
My Motion 5 and/or FCP are slow, crash at times and are generally unstable.
I am using one of your products in FCP and there is a problem with modifying keyframed parameters using the OSC (On Screen Controls).