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Motion 5 / FCP

Are your plugins compatible with Apple Silicon (M1) computers?
I see a red screen with yellow exclamation mark in the Final Cut Pro viewport.
My plugins stopped working after updating to Final Cut Pro 10.5 or Motion 5.5.
Drop Zone clips are shown as a still frame (frozen frame) or are offset in time.
Motion/ Final Cut Pro slow down or crash when using your product.
Can I blade/trim a template without retiming it?
I see a red "Missing Media" screen/alert after updating Final Cut Pro / Motion.
Compositing elements show a black background.
When placing footage in the Drop Zone, the [Apply Clip] button is greyed out.
How can I use Motion templates in Final Cut Pro?
Do you support Compressor?
I see a checkerboard in the exported video.
Text in my product has missing letters or random characters.
When opening your product in Motion, there are filters, generators or effects missing.
Do your products support 4K resolutions?
I have a problem with modifying keyframed parameters using the On-Screen Controls
I see the plugin registration dialog when Sending to Compressor from FCP 10.5 / Motion 5.5