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Avid announces major updates to Avid Studio for the iPad - video editing on the go!
Posted by Michal
May 8, 2012, at 3:14 AM

Video editing on the iPad becomes more and more popular so no wonder that Avid announced a significant update to its video editing application for the iPad. Of course it shouldn't be compared to the desktop version but still it offers many cool features and allows to edit a simple project on the go. The new version (1.1) is available immediately at the Apple App Store and the latest version of Avid Studio for iPad delivers new features, including the ability to record voiceover to timeline, more transitions, expanded gestures for enhanced editing precision, among others, that can help you quickly and easily create and share exciting, highly professional multimedia experiences on the go.

“With powerful technology from Avid adapted specifically for the iPad, Avid Studio has quickly proven itself as a feature rich, yet easy to use, video editing app for the iPad,” said Andy Panizza, segment marketing manager at Avid. “We’re pleased to introduce new capabilities in Avid Studio for iPad that provide our users with even more interactive capabilities and creative tools to help them make incredible movies at home or on the go.”

New features in Avid Studio for iPad 1.1 include (via Avid):

  • Record Voiceover to Timeline: Users can now easily record documentary-style narration directly to their videos or slideshows.
  • 14 new transitions: New, high-quality dissolves, fades, and more—help users to spice-up their videos and make them flow.
  • Expanded gestures: New, frame-by-frame and 10-by-10 frame finger swipe gestures provide users with the accuracy they need to edit precisely to their timeline. When working with source footage, users can now swipe left and right on the preview to advance a clip frame-by-frame, or use two fingers to advance 10 frames at a time. For precision pre-trimming, users can also swipe down to set an in-point, and swipe up to set an out-point.
  • Multi-line titles: Offers more flexible title options and makes titles even easier to create and read
  • Split Audio and Video Tracks: Allows users to separate audio and video from each other for independent editing of each.
  • Precision Trimmer Redesign: Avid Studio for iPad is the only app to offer a unique combination of Storyboard and Timeline features, allowing users to arrange clips in the Storyboard, then edit like a pro with the power of the Timeline and Precision Trimmer. And now, the precision trimmer has been redesigned with enhanced functionality and is easier to use than ever.
  • Enhanced Performance: In addition to new features announced today, Avid Studio also offers enhanced performance through the culmination of previous updates and today’s release.

Avid Studio for iPad allows editing by offering access to any videos, photos and audio already in your iPad's library, or media that can be imported from iTunes, cameras and more. After editing done you can share movies directly to YouTube, Facebook and more or export projects to Avid Studio software, where you can continue editing.

If you want to get the new version simply visit the App Store. The tool costs only $4.99.


Lisa Flow
May 8, 2012
It's awesome. Much better than iMovie.