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Bella announces and ships a new keyboard for Adobe Creative Suite 6!
Posted by Michal
May 8, 2012, at 1:57 AM

Adobe Creative Suite 6 is out and keyboard producers are already releasing their dedicated products. The first one is Bella Corporation - the company just announced that it has begun shipping keyboards for Adobe Systems CS6 software products. With the new release, Adobe has made significant changes to the layout of keyboard shortcuts used in the application, and so - at least as far as we know - Bella is probably the first company to offer immediate availability of its Professional Series of keyboards designed to work with the new release. Bella’s new Advantage Series keyboard for Premiere Pro CS6 is now available for pre-order and will ship before the end of May.

The award winning keyboard features the world’s only built-in jog shuttle controller, which gives precise control over timeline based applications. Having the jog/shuttle controller built into the keyboard allows to increase your efficiency by keeping your hands on the keyboard, rather than reaching for a separate input device, but of course you need to get used to this solution.

You can also use Bella’s free software with the Professional Series - it provides additional, unique benefits: an on-screen display of shuttle position, giving you intuitive feedback while using the shuttle controller. Bella’s custom software also allows for programming of its multimedia keys - including multi-keystroke macros. However users report that this keyboard has the same problem for Mac uses as the 5 version - the command and option keys are reversed, but let's hope that there will be an update that will fix this.

The Professional Series keyboard costs $139.95 and you can order it here.


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