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"Breaking Bad" - how Motivated Camera Movement can enhance the narrative!
Posted by Michal
April 16, 2014, at 2:57 AM

"Breaking Bad" was an amazing show with a phenomenal ending and many amazing shots. Vashi Nedomansky decided to analyze in detail one of them, because he believes - and who would disagree with this statement - that camera movement is most effective when it serves the story and enhances the narrative. And so below you can watch Vashi's video on Motivated Camera Movement which he did on the basis of a scene from the final episode of "Breaking Bad" (spoilers alert!). You will see that with just one pan and one dolly move you can get a huge emotional impact and flip the scene on its head!

"In the final episode of BREAKING BAD...there are two shots in a pivotal scene that are perfect examples of how to use camera movement to amplify the narrative and surprise the audience. With one simple pan and one simple dolly...there is a set-up and shortly after, a dramatic pay-off. The scene at first appears to be just conveying information to the viewer. Then, with one pan and one dolly move...the scene is flipped on its head and is seen in a whole new light. This could only happen through writing, direction, set design and camera movement working in unison. A Steadicam or crane shot through a window could never have achieved the emotional impact of a simple pan and dolly."

If you would like to read more on this topic and on this specific shot, head over to Vashi's blog post (here).


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