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A beautiful short filmed with iPhone 6s Plus
Posted by Andrzej, motionVFX Team
October 2, 2015, at 8:45 AM

Shooting indie films with iPhones is increasingly popular – perhaps that’s why the first shorts are being shot only days after 6s / 6s Plus launch. And such videos and indie films will come even more often with the addition of 4K. One of the published films that is way above an average iPhone shootout is the ‘Painter of Jalouzi’ by RYOT. What’s it about? The video description explains:

The film tells the story of one citizen from Jalouzi, one of the largest slums in Haiti, who is determined to bring color to the impoverished area by helping paint the entire town, literally.

Believing that color has the power to transform his community, he’s helping to paint everywhere – on houses, on buses, and the entire hillside. Armed with brushes of bright blues, pastel pinks, and sunshine yellows, he’s helping to mobilize citizens of all ages, determined to turn the grey town into a rainbow full of color to lead the way to a brighter Haiti.

Have a look at the video first:

While the result looks quite impressive, let’s not forget it’s not shot solely on iPhone – RYOT used a cradle with SLR adaptor, a couple of additional lenses, a Sennheiser mic, and a gimbal by IKAN, plus of course, a drone for aerial shots. Pretty much everything you’d use with any of compact cameras, which could also produce 4K, and cost around or even less than the iPhone. Just remember that the best camera is the one you have with you, and treat the video a beautiful presentation of what you could shoot just by taking the phone out of your pocket. Here’s a short BTS the team has also posted:

See the links below either of these videos on YouTube for additional gear links.


Huge 16 cameras comparison - from Alexa to A7s
Posted by Andrzej, motionVFX Team
September 30, 2015, at 12:42 PM

In his article on, Matt Allard has posted information about a very recent test of 16 cameras. The test was set up by Radiant Images, with David Stump, ASC, being the DP. The cameras range from high end to indie level (see the cam list below the video). As the video description explains:

Each camera was tested and evaluated for under exposure, over exposure, color rendition, green screen, and an extended low light test. Our comprehensive testing enables filmmakers to evaluate and choose cameras and lenses based on visual comparisons rather than technical specifications.

Here’s the test by Radiant Images:

The entire test is over 1 hour long, so if you’re interested in seeing only a few of them skip to the time provided in brackets. The list is as given in the video description:

Arri Alexa Mini (00:21)
Arri Amira (03:27)
Arri Alexa Pro Res (06:39)
Arri Alexa Arriraw (09:44)
Black Magic Ursa (12:26)
Canon C300 MKII (17:19)
Canon C500 (21:58)
Red Dragon (25:57)
Red Weapon Skin Tone OLPF (30:11)
Red Weapon Low Light OLPF (33:20)
Sony A7RII (36:48)
Sony A7S (39:41)
Sony F55 (43:23)
Sony F65 (47:53)
Sony FS7 (50:53)
Panasonic Varicam 35 (55:15)
Side by side (01:03:34)

And one final note: it’s hard not to notice that a7s and FS7 footage look sort of… off. And especially, that we know what these two are capable of. Users in the comments section suggest that the team messed up setting up cameras (remember, we're talking ASC here!). Well, we’ll never know. Have a look at this screenshot from side by side comparison, and judge for yourself:

You may see the original article at here.


mTitle 3D Halloween Plugin for FCPX and Apple Motion 5
Posted by Szymon Masiak
September 29, 2015, at 4:59 PM

Once a year there is a day other than everyone else - Halloween. It’s mostly a fun day, but for many editors it’s a time of intensified work. With that many parties, thematic shows, concerts and events, there is a huge demand for all sorts of motion graphics and opening typography. We like to make the community’s life easier so we decided to do most of the work for you.

We created a ready-made themed pack of 3D title intros with the most popular halloween stylizations that you can just drop into your FCPX edit. mTitle 3D Halloween use all the coolest 3D features of Motion 5 to give you a unique typography with top-notch quality and fantastic design. As always we kept all the aspects of our projects tidy and maximally customizable, so you can produce an intro that fits your edit’s needs perfectly, directly inside Final Cut Pro X. We pushed the capabilities of the software to the limits, so our titles are really awesome in all aspects, as well as easy and fun to use. Every professional editor values time and amounts of work that their projects require, we are perfectly aware of that and do everything in our power to lend them a helping hand. With our mTitle 3D Halloween plugin, you are guaranteed to have some extra free time for trick-or-treating!

More info: mTitle 3D Halloween

A short guide to creativity: 'Everything is a Remix' by Kirby Ferguson
Posted by Andrzej, motionVFX Team
September 24, 2015, at 1:17 PM

If you perceive yourself as a content creator, you most likely strive to be original, to create something new, recognizable, inspiring and so on. Being just another cover band or a copycat are by plain definition the opposite of ‘creative’. But how can you be original in any of visual arts, if ‘everything original has been done before’? That’s an exaggeration of course, but at one point or another, you will (consciously or not) use some themes or scenes or whatnot from other sources and try to adapt it to your vision.

It happens that people confuse creativity and originality – but there are completely different concepts; the graphic below is a screenshot from a movie we’ll present later on. In a plain way it shows what creativity is (or can be), and it has little to do with being original:

The screenshot comes from a short film called ‘Everything is a Remix’ by a New York based filmmaker Kirby Ferguson (note: the video is a recently remastered series that launched five years ago; it’s nowhere near to being out of date). In the video Kirby provides a multitude of examples how original ideas across various fields like music, video or computers, have been transformed and evolved into something more. In many cases the original ideas have been forgotten, or were never widely known. Whereas the transformed and the combined proved to be more refined and remarkable. Is Star Wars franchise a creative piece? Definitely! But is it original? Hardly so.

Have a look at ‘Everything is a Remix’, it’s over 30 minutes long, but we’re sure you won’t regret it:

So, to steal or not to steal*? Try this quote from Jim Jarmusch:

Nothing is original. Steal from anywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination. Devour old films, new films, music, books, paintings, photographs, poems, dreams, random conversations, architecture, bridges, street signs, trees, clouds, bodies of water, light and shadows. Select only things to steal from that speak directly to your soul. If you do this, your work (and theft) will be authentic. Authenticity is invaluable; originality is non-existent. And don’t bother concealing your thievery - celebrate it if you feel like it. In any case, always remember what Jean-Luc Godard said: “It’s not where you take things from - it’s where you take them to.

Visit Kirby Ferguson's homepage here for more details, other videos, and to support his work.

*not literally


Amazing Apple Motion 5 video tutorial - create a 3D scene with crystal spheres!
Posted by Michal, motionVFX Team
September 24, 2015, at 3:29 AM

Simon Ubsdell, Creative Director of Tokyo Productions - a boutique creative shop specializing in movie trailers, sales promos and TV Spots, uploaded a video tutorial in which he shows how to create a 3D scene with crystal spheres. Simon works as a film and video editor for over 25 years and he has a lot of experience in motion graphics, sound design and mixing, music composition, color grading, etc. - so in all tasks and fields that an independent filmmaker needs to know if he wants to succeed in the industry. If your wish is to deepen your own Apple Motion skills, make sure to watch the tutorial below because you will see many advanced techniques that can be pretty useful in various kind of projects. Simon was also nice to upload the project as well as the media files that got used while creating this Motion scene - you can download these assets here.


Here's an excerpt taken from the description of this tutorial (via CreativeCow):

"This one is LITERALLY out of this world, as he cleverly works around the limitations of Motion's 2.5D environment to create a remarkably realistic, other-worldly 3D scene: three mysterious crystal spheres on a desolate planet's desert, reflecting the surrounding mountains and sunlight.

Here, Simon applies his VFX and motion graphics expertise to cleverly work around Motion's limitations by exploiting the best of its behaviors, filters, lights, cameras, blend modes, refractions, and more -- along with everything you'll need to customize the effect to your liking, as well as deepening the Motion skills you'll need to build worlds of your own."



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