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mDoodle Plugin for FCPX - animated cartoon elements every editor needs!
Posted by Szymon Masiak
February 8, 2016, at 11:37 AM

Cartoon elements and hand-drawn additions become more and more popular in the editing industry. They not only lively up the whole mood of the edit but also add an artistic element, which gives the whole composition a far more interesting undertone. But where can an editor, a filmmaker or a graphic designer find a source of such elements?


Getting them custom done on request may cost a fortune and take days to accomplish. With the release of mDoodle you can now have a perfect source of hand-drawn elements handy in your plugins collection.



This set of 150 animated, colored and customizable FCPX and Motion 5 projects will make your edit full of cartoon awesomeness. They are divided into 9 diversified groups, in which everyone will find something useful. You can use them individually, in groups and mixed with other footage - they are just tools in the hands of your imagination. Whatever you decide to do with these elements, the individual character of each of them will enrich your project with some artistic aspect and entertaining quality.


Learn More: mDoodle

The Sonder keyboard - an ultimate tool for every video editor!
Posted by Justyna
February 7, 2016, at 7:30 PM

Are you fed up with your old keyboard and lost with all those shortcuts you need to remember? Would you like to work more efficiently? Or maybe you need to map your FCPX or Photoshop shortcuts? Forget button stickers or keyboard covers! Here’s the fully programmable Sonder keyboard - one of the coolest things we've ever seen.


Here are some functions of this wonderful keyboard:
- meticulous design that’s great for both work and leisure activities
- it’s adaptable and displays app specific layouts, there are keys for each and every single one of your applications
- it’s a great tool for creating macros and specific fingertips
- it’s fully customizable - each key can be an icon that you use the most
- the keyboard’s got a front lightning, that gives you come extra clarity, no matter if you’re working in studio or playing games
- transparent keys that make it easy to display as much stuff as you need
- key responsive mechanism, wireless, works well with Mac, PC, smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth technology
- can be used as a Bloomberg Terminal or for audio editing
- settings are saved to the cloud

Now there are infinite possibilities at your fingertips. It's equipped with 78 keys that are transparent and fully programmable to suit your needs.

Learn more: Sonder Design

The sneak peek from making of the latest video of Chemical Brothers song “Wide Open”!
Posted by Justyna
February 6, 2016, at 7:47 PM

Great inspiration is something we always love. Electric music may not be your favorite, but you can't miss this fantastic piece of art.
Very tallented people behind The Mill helped The Chemical Brothers create the footage for their “Wide open” music video and here's the amazing making-of presenting the process.

Combination of tracking, rotoscoping, compositing creates magic. We have to admit it indeed looks beautiful.

Full music video is available at The Chemical Brother's YouTube Channel:

Source: The Mill

Adobe Premiere Pro appreciated by Sundance festival filmmakers as a great primary cutting tool!
Posted by Justyna
February 6, 2016, at 12:39 PM

We're not going to discuss the never-ending FCPX vs Premiere fight here, however some interesting news came from the Sundance film festival, which will shed some light on the tools used in the major film productions. It turned out that over 50 films shown at the festival used Adobe Premiere CC as the main digital editing software.
When we analyze the information further, we can find even more surprising facts. According to the source, the total amount of Sundance films, which were made with the help of Premiere Pro CC and other Creative Cloud tools is actually 175. That’s an impressive number. Among them we can enumerate titles like: Swiss Army Man, Christine, Gleason and some short films and documentaries, such as: Richard Linklater - dream is destiny.
Louis Black, the co-director of the mentioned film with premiere at Sundance, stated that he needed the most innovative technology in order to push the boundaries of creativity. Therefore the film was a very ambitious project.

He shortly explained that using the Premiere Pro CC was the right way to go and the effects were amazing. A recent Premiere Pro converts also include authors of other Oscar winning productions, like: Hail, Caesar, Deadpool, Gone Girl and Staten Island Summer.

Great news for Adobe users and the company itself, however, we really hope that during the next Sundance Film Festival, we will see more films created with Final Cut Pro X as well.


Source: Definition magazine

mFire 4K - High-End Compositing Elements with Incredibly Low Price!
Posted by Szymon Masiak
February 5, 2016, at 12:27 PM

Compositing a realistic scene with burning elements demands several important factors to be present. One is the skill of the editor, the other one, equally important, is the quality of the compositing elements used to create the effects. The latter is often a real nuisance, as accessible, usable and well-prepared elements are really hard to find. We decided to fill this gap with a set of organic fire videos that will really make a difference in compositing a fiery scene.


mFire 4K is a set of top-quality, pre-keyed, massive resolution files shot in ultra slow motion on Phantom Flex 4K. With diversified look, different dynamics and optimal framing every editor will find a bunch of videos that will make their scene look just the way they want it to. All of them have an alpha channel for your convenient and efficient workflow.


Just drag and drop action along with some transformations and tracking gives you a realistic combustion effect on every footage you wish. While creating the set, we payed close attention to making them as useful and practical as possible. We used all our experience in editing, compositing and FCPX Plugin creation to make them a product that every editor would want in their collection of plugins and compositing elements.

$500 per file? $99 per file? NO! 50 4K mFire files are available for incredibly low price of $99 for the whole set. That's less than $2 per file!

Learn More: mFire 4K