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mTitle Retro plugin for FCPX and Apple Motion 5
Posted by Szymon Masiak
November 18, 2015, at 2:21 PM

Creating a coherent set of stylish descriptions for the project is a vital part of every designer's job. We all know how important and sometimes difficult it is to create a well-matched typography that would enrich the whole edit. Do you remember the subtle charm of the vintage headers, created specially for the given topic? Don’t you just love the sophisticated appeal of those diversely decorated lettering in retro titles? Yeah, we like it too. That’s why we created this exquisite collection of 30 retro titles that imitate the vintage design pretty well.

Every one of those 30 FCPX titles is a fully customizable opening caption that evolves around the richly adorned style of typography that is characteristic for the older techniques of text design. We made sure to make them as diverse and varied as possible to give you a diversified range of top quality headers that can fit almost every edit, event the ones that relate to very modern topics. The graphic character that mTitle Retro plugin has makes it an incredibly versatile tool for typography creation. Without the effort of designing and animating the whole scene, you can just drag and drop one of mTitles and go on with your edit. Just a few seconds of customization is all you need to have stunningly designed text in your project. Beautiful, retro style and user-friendly, does it get any better?

Learn more: mTitle Retro

mSpark 4K - drag and drop effects for FCPX, Adobe Premiere, Resolve and others!
Posted by Szymon Masiak
November 10, 2015, at 6:27 PM

Dynamic edits with vigorous footage may be difficult in a sense of keeping the energetic vibe throughout the whole project. Sometimes some shots may be more lazy than the others and the whole beat of the edit slows down. In situations like that it is good to have some backup dynamism in a form of compositing elements. Our mSpark elements are something that will bring an instant load of vitality to your project with a storm of flickering sparks. 

These 4K top-quality files were shot on Phantom Flex 4K, so the slow motion effect and clarity of the image is flawless. We took care of the diversity of looks, styles and movements so you could always find a sparkling blizzard to enrich your edit. mSparks have a vast range of applications, from typical overlays firing up your footage to elements used as decorations in trailers or in any other type of projects. It’s all up to you and your imagination. Check out our promo video to see how amazingly dynamic mSparks can be with your footage.

Learn more: mSpark 4K

mTitle 3D Christmas Plugin for FCPX and Apple Motion 5
Posted by Szymon Masiak
October 28, 2015, at 2:00 PM

Every year, just before December, our work starts to evolve around Christmas and everything that is connected to that pleasant holiday. Our edits become filled with Christmas trees, cookies and Santas creating all that fuss that constitutes the unique atmosphere of that special time. We all know that the whole aesthetics of the holiday is quite specific and it is slightly hard to come up with a design that is decent, up to professional standards and keeps the spirit of Christmas at the same time. In our opinion we managed to combine these two aspects and they are the essence of mTitle 3D Christmas.

These 15 lovely title openers have an amazing balance between well-stylized typography, smooth cameras, 3D environment, high-quality textures and Christmas stylization. We put a lot of effort into creating a design that will have the mood we love and a look that makes a good impression. As always we did our best to make the customization and parameter editing as easy as it gets, so you could save time for celebration. Merry Christmas to all and have a great time working with our plugin!

Learn more: mTitle3D Christmas

mInstaller - FCPX Plugins and Motion Templates installer!
Posted by Szymon Masiak
October 26, 2015, at 4:00 PM

As professionals we know exactly how very important it is to have a fluent workflow that saves time and makes our work more efficient. We don’t like the troublesome, mundane technicalities taking up time that could be utilized for creative activities. This is why we created an app that simplifies and speeds up your everyday work.

With our new app you can forget about installation and maintenance of templates, tools and plugins. All that is now available within one click. mInstaller is a desktop application that allows you to access all your MotionVFX products directly and from anywhere around the globe. All your purchases are now organized in one place.

You can install, uninstall and repair templates and plugins by just choosing a suitable action. Search through your library to find a product you are looking for, set its frame rate and launch straight from mInstaller. It’s as simple as that. Managing the licenses and keeping your software up to date has never been easier too. You can distribute, reset and switch licenses for your templates and plugins across all your machines without additional confusion.

We will keep you informed about all updates and new releases - our built-in notification system will make sure that you’ll never miss any important info about your purchases and brand new products. All that 100% secure and totally free.


Learn more: mInstaller

mMorphCut plugin for Final Cut Pro X
Posted by Szymon Masiak
October 21, 2015, at 3:02 PM

Every editor at some point had an experience of putting together some interview, conference or conversation footage with a talking person in the foreground. As we all know, the human factor is always the most faulty one, so a lot of cuts, transitions and adjustments have to occur. To get rid of all the unwanted pauses, hesitations, grunts and coughs there’s a good chance that several jump cuts will need to be introduced. Every professional knows the struggle between the desire to keep the edit’s visual continuity and all the technological difficulties to achieve that. Without reaching to B-rolls, cross dissolves or external software for aid it often turns out to be impossible.

Until now. We came up with an absolutely easiest way to make all your jerky transitions disappear from your edit. Our mMorphCut is an ultimate jump cut smoothing plugin for FCPX. We are perfectly aware that Final Cut Pro users appreciate the value of time-saving and simplicity of usage, so mMorphCut workflow is as uncomplicated as it gets. Drag, drop and go ahead with your edit - it’s that simple. You can cut, put together and rearrange your clips without any distracting jump cuts. Now every vlog or interview can be as smooth and polished as if it never been cut into component clips. Just match your project’s settings, adjust the transition’s duration and enjoy your edit’s seamless flow.


mMorpCut is available now for $59 from our FCPX Plugins online store: mMorphCut for FCPX.


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