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mFrame 2 - 50 Handy Split Screens Built Exclusively for Final Cut Pro X
Posted by Szymon Masiak
May 23, 2016, at 2:48 PM

As editors, we need to be very organized when it comes to managing the footage we use. As our edits grow bigger, so does the number of videos that need to be sorted, cut, and put in place. Sometimes it slips out of control and we end up with a messy final product. Those of you who know mFrame plugin already know all the pros of having a handy and user-friendly collection of frames and split screen effects. It gives you the means for convenient organizing of your shots, creating transitions and simultaneous viewing of several videos at once.

mFrame vol.2 arrives to introduce order and tidiness into your work with several brand new handy options and even smoother workflow. These 50 incredible animated footage frames with neat typography and several editable options will makeover your entire edit in no time.

Drag & drop workflow and on screen controls make the whole process of tidying up your edit even easier. Creating beautiful footage compositions with modern, geometrical look is now just a click away. mFrames vol.2 give you an infinite number of combinations, so you can always create a unique footage frame presentation.

Learn More: mFrame 2

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