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Lumberyard free game engine from Amazon!
Posted by Justyna
February 12, 2016, at 10:09 AM

Amazon has just shared their fully free game engine - Lumberyard. It’s designed for game creators, who now can use it to produce their own, independent productions for the most important hardware platforms. This novelty was based on a very popular CryEngine, but it’s been improved and upgraded and now it offers many new functions. What’s crucial, it’s fully compatible with AWS-Amazon Web Services. Thanks to Lumberyard,  creators can design games for laptops and consoles, like Playstation 4 or Xbox One. In the nearest future, there’ll be a service for mobile constructions available, as well.

According to the source, Amazon was given their license with limitless access. Thanks to that, they could not only offer the product for free, but also it was possible to perform some modifications. The most significant one is connected with the AWS service. Amazon did not forget about multiplayer modules and shared the GameLift that was developed by Double Helix - a company acquired by Amazon. It is said that the cost will oscillate around $1,5 for 1000 users. Lumberyard is currently in beta phase so the most significant aim is to eliminate all the errors and produce a fully refined tool.
The Lumberyard game engine can be downloaded from the producer’s site.

Source: Amazon

The Final Cut Library Manager 3 available!
Posted by Justyna
February 11, 2016, at 9:07 PM

Are you struggling with managing your FCPX Library? Folks behind Arctic Whitnesess created great tool to help you with keeping all your Final Cut Pro X libraries in order, thanks to many associated Caches, Medias, Folders and External Files. The system works perfectly, as it immediately displays all Libraries, which are situated on your Spotlight-indexed drives. It’s possible to add different sources, such as: Xsan volumes or folders, disks and even those that aren’t indexed by the spotlight.

All elements placed in one library
There’s no need of opening your Final Cut Pro X when you just want to take a look at your libraries. You’ve even got access to some missing or disconnected elements. What’s more, all the projects and events are presented with detailed information about the used and recoverable disc space. Besides that, you can also easily find out which of those external disks you need to reconnect, in order to have access to your library. Now, you’ll be able to quickly find everything that’s missing and track it down. And what happens when you decide to keep your media and caches outside libraries’ assets? Well, then you can see where they’re stored and also which disk should be reconnected to get them back. In addition, you have the detailed list of all exported media, no matter if they were uploaded to the internet or exported as a file.

In search of everything, everywhere
When having the advanced license you can search among: project names, notes, event names, comments, and not only media keywords but also personalized names in FCPX. Within this license, you’re also able to sort your libraries, media folders and caches by potential space. Moreover, you’ve got access to exported media, and you’re able to create templates. There’s also a possibility of note-taking.

Final Cut Library Manager is an amazing and innovative tool, so when you want to keep everything that’s in your library in order, this one is definitely worth trying out. There’s also a free demo version available!

Learn more: Arctic Whiteness

This breakthrough discovery is about to change the power industry!
Posted by Justyna
February 11, 2016, at 4:04 PM

There’s going to be a breakthrough in the field of innovative technology soon and the problems with powering your modern hi-tech appliances, such as  smartphones, laptops and even drones are going to fade away. Forget low battery alerts in places, where your access to power and electricity is limited. Now everything could be fully charged at all times, thanks to the sensational discovery of a young scientist Olga Malinkiewicz. Her wonderful accomplishment is about to change the world of power industry.

Great success of Polish scientist
This name should soon sound very significant for everyone who’s into science and major discoveries. No matter if you live in Poland, or abroad. She will soon have her place among the most influential women, who made a big contribution to the history of the whole world, like.e.g Maria Skłodowska-Curie. Malinkiewicz, who is 32 and currently lives in Spain, made  a one breakthrough discovery that could change the whole concept of solar energy. Who knows, maybe even the whole world of science.

Her discovery was appreciated by Japanese investors, who offered her a contract worth millions on conducting her research on the market of innovative technologies. It’s also a great chance for Poland to shine among countries with representatives, who had a great influence on the history of the power industry.

Perovskite story
The whole breakthrough discovery is connected with one chemical substance called perovskite. ”It’s a calcium titanium oxide mineral composed of calcium titanate, with the chemical formula CaTiO3. The mineral was discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia by Gustav Rose in 1839 and is named after Russian mineralogist Lev Perovski (1792–1856)”.

The hidden power of perovskite
Olga Malinkiewicz, the talented young scientist, was conducting research on perovskite and when she got to know its features, she noticed some surprising occurrence. It turned out that perovskite is a great absorber of light, which led to a conclusion that it can get a vast amount of solar energy and process it into electricity.
This innovative discovery may have many different applications, as perovskite can be shaped into light and thin objects, and is also flexible. The production cost is low, as well. Thanks to all those different features, it can be used on many various surfaces, like glass, fabrics and transparent foil.

This important breakthrough will definitely have a great impact also on the world of technology. The invention of all the amazing traits of perovskite will enable us to use it on smartphones, personal computers and other appliances, keeping them fully charged, even while being away from the battery chargers. We could extend the functioning of any device, without the need of recharging the battery. This discovery will definitely change the whole system of power industry worldwide!

Source: Wyborcza

New MacBreak Studio episode: Creating Animations with Transitions in FCPX!
Posted by Michal
February 11, 2016, at 2:59 AM

In the last episode of MacBreak Studio, our friends Mark Spencer and Steve Martin will show you how to use transitions to animate a connected video clip with an applied mask in Final Cut Pro X. This video tutorial should give you a few new ideas on how to use the software and the stuff you'll learn should be handy in many projects. Most editors use keyframes to create animations, such as moving an object off-screen, scaling it, rotating, etc., but there's one problem with keyframes - while very precise they can be pretty tedious to implement and Mark will show you a method that can be much more effective and less time-consuming. Check out the video for all the details:


Mark wrote:

"The basic idea is simple: apply a transition to the ends of a connected clip. The complication is that only certain transition will work properly when used this way. Most will included the clip in the primary storyline in the animation, ruining the effect.

In the video above, I explain which transitions will work "out of the box", with only a parameter adjustment to make them work on the Out point of a clip. For all the others, I then show a very cool little "workaround" that I learned from Ben Halsall: by blading the connected clip at the beginning and setting the opacity of the first bit to zero, you can trick the transition into working correctly. All good details above. If you like this tip, check out our Warp Speed Editing and Warp Speed Effects tutorials."


The new version of Tesla Powerwall unveiled!
Posted by Justyna
February 11, 2016, at 12:01 AM

Last year’s revelation that came from Tesla was connected with the Powerwall - a battery pack that can be recharged with solar energy. At the same time, it’s capable of providing its power back. There were declarations of many preorders, up to 38.000 to be sold in the first half of 2016.

Currently, the company is moving to the next version. According to company’s CEO, Elon Musk, the newest version will be available this summer.
He explained that there’s been many trials underway in different parts of the world and they’re quite satisfied with the results. Musk claimed that they’ll be ready with the next versions in summer, presumably July or August 2016. He also emphasized that this may be the year of even further changes in its capabilities. However, he doesn’t give any explanation on what does it mean to the customers. Well, we can only guess, it can be an important change.
On the other hand, Musk recently claimed that the rate of changes in battery tech isn’t that veritable. So we need to wait for the summer and then we’ll see what technology’s future holds for us.

Source: The Verge