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Action cameras compared. Where's GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition in comparison with other models?
Posted by Andrzej
April 23, 2014, at 10:47 PM

It’s quite an achievement from a company when their camera becomes the role model for other manufacturers. For many, the GoPro action cameras became the camera to use if you’re serious about the quality of footage. The amount of accessories and modifications speaks volumes of it as well. But there’s so many other models from big manufacturers like Sony or JVC, including these presented at CES 2014. Have they managed to catch up with the latest Hero 3+ Black Edition?

Brent Rose from has put a lot of effort is the comparison test that he’s published in a recent article. And it’s not just the image quality, but also other important features that have been taken into consideration (as you would expect in action cam test):

In our evaluations we weighted image quality most heavily, but we also factored in versatility, ease-of-use, form-factor, battery-life, apps, available mounts, as well as extras and price. The raw video footage was evaluated on a professionally calibrated monitor, as well as on a 46-inch 1080p Samsung LED TV, and several laptops. Bear in mind when you watch the above video that there is some quality lost to compression for internet streaming.

The cameras that were included in the test were:

  • Ion Air Pro 3
  • Drift Ghost-S
  • Garmin VIRB Elite
  • Sony HDR-AS30V
  • JVC Adixxion GC-XA2
  • GoPro Hero 3+ Black 

Since the article is rather extensive, with a ton of photos and videos, we’ll just present Brent’s verdict on who the winner is. Brent tested a range of aspects, but overall:

Simply put: GoPro still makes the overall best action camera. It's the obvious winner in terms of image quality. It has the best detail, solid color performance, and really excellent dynamic range. Everything looks clean, clear, and sharp, with just enough pop in the colors. It's also terrific in low-light (just behind the Garmin) and the much-improved microphone places it second in audio-quality to the Sony.

Among GoPro’s advantages he mentions shooting options and formats (resolution up to 4K) and the number of mounts, including drones. So it’s not the hype: „It's not just good marketing. It's a great camera”.

For full comparison, with specs, photos and videos please follow this link to Brent’s article.


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