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Camera movement workshops: The Directing Motion Tour. 32 US cities in 9 weeks
Posted by Andrzej
April 23, 2014, at 8:13 AM

A couple of days ago we brought to you an example of how camera movement in a popular tv series Breaking Bad can enhance your storytelling. Now an opportunity arises to participate in a workshop that’ll teach you ‘how, when and WHY to move the camera’. Vincent Laforet announced in his blog that a series of workshops called ‘Directing Motion Tour’ will take place in 32 cities in the US starting from 6 May in Philadelphia.
Vincent says that the Directing Motion Tour will base on what’s been discussed during Alex Buono’s ‘The Art of Visual Storytelling’, as both are run by the same group.

Vincent tells us more about this workshop in his blog entry:

For a few decades now, I’ve promised myself that one day I would be lucky enough to have a big home theater, and that I would sit back and watch all of my favorite films and to break them down scene by scene…  Problem is:  I never found the time, and when I did watch them, I would more often than not fall right under their spell:  and out went any chance of analysis.

He explains further that after an accident, as he was recuperating, he finally got round to it:

I ordered nearly 100 BluRays of my favorite films and a few key TV series, and watched them while taking copious notes. In all I’ve already spent close to 300 hours analyzing my favorite films and scenes… and I have more than 400 examples to share that I will surely have to decimate down to the very best ones…

The full price is $295 and it includes:

  • Daytime movement & direction workshop
  • Evening applied theory seminar
  • Daytime movement & direction workshop HD DVD download
  • Free NAB 2015 pass

Please visit Vincent’s blog entry for more information, or head on directly to the workshop page, where you'll also be able to register. Click here to see the workshop entire schedule.

Source: http://blog.vincentlaforet.com

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