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Inside The Edit: a course for creative editing.
Posted by Andrzej
April 21, 2014, at 8:43 PM

The strange thing about editor’s job is that the less visible it is, the better. Therefore good editors are largely unappreciated. ‘The less you notice our work, the more successful we have been’ a sentence in the below video states. The simple, yet beautiful short film has been produced by, and it defines editor’s work quite accurately:

Now, the purpose of this video is to advertise a creative editing course called Inside The Edit:

Inside The Edit is the world’s first creative editing course. This highly specialised training program has been developed over three years by a prime time editing team working at the very highest level of television.
The Creative Editing Course goes way beyond basic editing theory. You will learn hundreds of structural, journalistic and creative techniques used in documentary and entertainment television. From the fundamentals to the highly advanced.

The course costs £4000, with the ‘early bird’ price set to £3000 (available for the first 100 customers). For that price you’ll get 80 tutorial videos with an experienced tutor and a 500GB LaCie drive with 35 hours of raw documentary footage, as well as scripts, notes, tape logs and others.

A demo tutorial covering ‘essential pulling questions’ has been published too:

Please visit the course's dedicated webpage for more information



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