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Mavis - the new filmmaking app for shooting video with iPhone 6s and 6s Plus!
Posted by Justyna
February 9, 2016, at 2:52 PM

Here’s another application for all filmmakers that’s worth noticing. Mavis had placed all professional tools into your iPhone and thanks to this you’ve got the whole control over manual shooting. There are many helpful ideas that the producer is offering you, among them we can enumerate audio metering, real time video full scopes and exposure with focus visualization. All of them enable you to have full and flexible power of management while recording your videos.

Besides those functions there are also many other features worth mentioning:
- high bitrate encoding
- manual color, exposure and focus
- HD, 2K and 4K recording
- flexible frame rates (up to 240 fps)
- focus peaking for manual focus assist
- realtime full-scale waveform monitor - aimed for exposure monitoring
- real time full-scale vector scope for color working
- focus peaking for manual focus assist
- ranged and gradient false color visualization

There’s also support for multiple resolutions like HD, 2K, 4K (UHD) and recording at maximum camera resolution, 4K (4:3). You also have full control over elements like: color temperature, exposure, ISO, shutter and focus.

Source: App Store

The new version of Free Open Source VFX software Natron has arrived!
Posted by Justyna
February 9, 2016, at 12:08 PM

Natron is a free and open source compositing software that has been influenced by such renowned apps as Nuke. The most famous compositing apps were an inspiration in terms of user’s interface and many other concepts. It is offering robust and efficient tools for compositors to improve their job’s quality and make it faster. I think that all Natron enthusiasts will be glad to hear some news connected with the subject. The new version of this free, open source, cross-platform composing software is now available! 



Let us enumerate some of its most significant features to shed some more light on this amazing application:

• 32 bits floating point linear color processing pipeline.
• Colorspace management handled by the famous open-source OpenColorIO library.
• Dozens of file formats supported: EXR, DPX,TIFF, PSD, SVG, Raw, JPG, PNG…thanks to OpenImageIO. and FFmpeg.
• Support for many free and open-source OpenFX plugins:
▪ OpenFX-IO : to read anything else than standard 8-bits images (bundled with pre-compiled versions of Natron).
▪ OpenFX-Misc : A set of basic nodes, such as Transform, chroma keyer, etc… (bundled with the pre-compiled versions of Natron).
▪ OpenFX-Arena : A set of extra nodes (bundled with the pre-compiled versions of Natron).
▪ OpenFX-OpenCV : A set of plugins based on OpenCV.
▪ OpenFX-Yadif deinterlacer : An open-source efficient de-interlacer.
▪ OpenFX-Vegas SDK samples
▪ OpenFX samples (in the Support and Examples directories)
• Support for commercial OpenFX plugins: (these are proprietary software and not free)
▪ RevisionFX products
▪ NeatVideo denoiser
▪ Furnace by The Foundry
▪ KeyLight by The Foundry
▪ GenArts Sapphire
▪ Other GenArts products
▪ And many more.

OpenFX v1.4 supported

Natron’s main purpose isn’t breaking habits, because it provides familiar and intuitive user’s interface. Characteristics like great performance and multi-tasking are also worth mentioning. The interface is quite flexible and easy to customize to personal preferences. Thanks to all those features working with Natron is fast and interactive and real-time playback works instantly. The software is still developed and improved, as we know from the source, the future versions will bring such functions as: optical flow, natural matting, deep data, and 3D workplace.
The whole program is a very powerful and flexible tool for producing various visual effects. Every editor should at least try it, and draw their own conclusions. It’s totally free! 

Source: Natron

Apple hires Mac Firmware Virus Creators
Posted by Justyna
February 9, 2016, at 10:57 AM

„Keep your friends close and enemies closer”- this true, well known saying can be used in many different aspects.

According to Abraham Lincoln, if we’ll be able to win our enemy over, then in the whole process we would not only succeed during battle, but also make friends with our enemies. This may be the main idea that inspired Apple specialists to hire some of the security researchers who work on viruses. It seems to be the best way while trying to protect the system.

This method looks quite efficient, as virus specialists managed to create a worm hybrid Thunderstrike 2 that has Mac computers in its crosshairs. This worm is quite spreadable from one MacBook to another, and at the same time there’s no need of connecting to the internet. Naturally, Apple was informed about the vulnerabilities, and they were immediately repaired. Thanks to this operation, the Mac platform is about to be more secure than ever, as it will be well protected from firmware modification and the threats of malware. According to the source, the researchers were hired in November, and one of them shared this news on his Twitter profile,  but there’s no information about the earnings or future plans of Apple. We can only guess that soon other companies will follow their steps, in order to have their systems more secure.


mDoodle Plugin for FCPX - animated cartoon elements every editor needs!
Posted by Szymon Masiak
February 8, 2016, at 11:37 AM

Cartoon elements and hand-drawn additions become more and more popular in the editing industry. They not only lively up the whole mood of the edit but also add an artistic element, which gives the whole composition a far more interesting undertone. But where can an editor, a filmmaker or a graphic designer find a source of such elements?


Getting them custom done on request may cost a fortune and take days to accomplish. With the release of mDoodle you can now have a perfect source of hand-drawn elements handy in your plugins collection.



This set of 150 animated, colored and customizable FCPX and Motion 5 projects will make your edit full of cartoon awesomeness. They are divided into 9 diversified groups, in which everyone will find something useful. You can use them individually, in groups and mixed with other footage - they are just tools in the hands of your imagination. Whatever you decide to do with these elements, the individual character of each of them will enrich your project with some artistic aspect and entertaining quality.


Learn More: mDoodle

The Sonder keyboard - an ultimate tool for every video editor!
Posted by Justyna
February 7, 2016, at 7:30 PM

Are you fed up with your old keyboard and lost with all those shortcuts you need to remember? Would you like to work more efficiently? Or maybe you need to map your FCPX or Photoshop shortcuts? Forget button stickers or keyboard covers! Here’s the fully programmable Sonder keyboard - one of the coolest things we've ever seen.


Here are some functions of this wonderful keyboard:
- meticulous design that’s great for both work and leisure activities
- it’s adaptable and displays app specific layouts, there are keys for each and every single one of your applications
- it’s a great tool for creating macros and specific fingertips
- it’s fully customizable - each key can be an icon that you use the most
- the keyboard’s got a front lightning, that gives you come extra clarity, no matter if you’re working in studio or playing games
- transparent keys that make it easy to display as much stuff as you need
- key responsive mechanism, wireless, works well with Mac, PC, smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth technology
- can be used as a Bloomberg Terminal or for audio editing
- settings are saved to the cloud

Now there are infinite possibilities at your fingertips. It's equipped with 78 keys that are transparent and fully programmable to suit your needs.

Learn more: Sonder Design