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FocusMaker - a cheap and compact rack focus system for your DSLR!
Posted by Michal
November 8, 2012, at 1:27 AM

FocusMaker might at first look like toy but in reality it is a simple but useful tool that can help you with some shots. It works with almost any DSLR and can easily be attached and it transforms complex focus shifts into an easy, straightforward process by taking advantage of lens depth-of-field and offering pinpoint focusing accuracy while recording.

As you are well aware there are many DSLR follow focus systems on the market but this one is much simplier to use and a lot cheaper, besides you can use it without the help of another person. It can also be mounted in seconds and can easily fit in your equipment bag. According to the makers it is the fastest, most accurate and most affordable rack focus system on the market, that is also compact, versatile and affordable. It’s also easy to adjust your focus points on the ruler.

Below is an example of using focus shifts in the storytelling, while filming some of the craftsmanship at the worlds largest sail-maker. It is captured using only a very simple setup, with a camera, a tripod, and a FocusMaker. Pretty cool!

The FocusMaker can be purchased worldwide online via the dedicated webpage for $89.00 (here).


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