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HD Magazine's Digital Daily - issue on NAB 2012 day 3 and 4 is out, get it for free!
Posted by Michal
April 20, 2012, at 3:42 AM

Yesterday we posted the first two issues, and the next one is already available for download. You can download it as an online web magazine and a download for desktop and tablet computers. The issue features information on day three and four of the event. Below is the cover as well as the list of topics.


Topics covered in this issue:

  • T-Cam extends its own life
  • Lightweight Panasonic HPX600
  • Thunderbolt Dit Rogue
  • End Round Tripping say Autodesk
  • New HDR technique for TV
  • Edelkrone great value rigs
  • Colorfront new viewing app
  • Cinema on TV - Part 2

To download the magazine in PDF version click here.


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