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Incident on Marmont Avenue - movie shot with Canon 5D Mark III !
Posted by Piotr, motionVFX Team
May 15, 2012, at 7:40 PM

Planet5D just announced a new short narrative film which was entire shot with Canon 5D Mark III and Zeiss CP.2 lenses. The film is based on the true story that happened at night on November 12, 2011 when police were called to the house on Marmont Ave.

This is an example highlighting the features of the DSLR camera and showing that you can realize complex project with a shooting budget less than $5.000 per day. All the film was shoot in two days.

Barry Andersson from Deodand Entertainment, director and co-producer, said: “The film was designed to fit a budget that many filmmakers and still photographers can afford. My team tailored our shooting schedule, equipment and techniques to be accessible to all budget levels. My goal was to show that people can get absurdly good results with a DSLR camera with a smaller price tag than they realize.”

More technical details about this project can be found at


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