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It's Really Great Slow Motion Camcorder: Review of Sony NEX FS700 by Philip Bloom
Posted by Piotr, motionVFX Team
May 28, 2012, at 7:48 AM

In early April, Sony announced the production of NEX-FS700 camera - we wrote about here. Earlier than to a stores, the camera fell to Philip Bloom's hand. Who better than he will test it and present to us in the review. Working with the new camcorder had to be so much fun so Philip divided the review into two parts. In the first part which we can see today, he focuses on initial impressions and the super slow motion function.

The slow motion videos can be viewed for hours, as noted by Philip: "fast frames make the ordinary looks extra ordinary".

And another sentence from Philip blog:

"Crazy stuff. As soon as people get this camera they will use this feature to death. Why? Because it’s bloody fun, that is why and we love to over use our new toys. Of course after a short time the owners will start scaling back their slow motion shooting and just use it when they need to. I am pretty sure of that. Then of course other manufacturers will bring out their cameras with high frame rates to compete. GREAT! Competition is the best thing! Without it we would not be shooting on super 35mm sensors for a few thousand dollars right now!"


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