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Larry Jordan - 4K from different angles - a 45 minute lecture!
Posted by Andrzej
March 26, 2014, at 1:17 PM

Larry Jordan’s tips, articles and lectures are always extremely informative, and we’re pleased to present them. This time Larry shared a 45 minute long video lecture entirely devoted to 4K. The lecture was delivered at the BVExpo held in London this year.

In the video description we read:

This year I opened my presentation on 4K with a look back at how far higher-resolution shooting, editing, and distribution has progressed in the interim and what those changes have meant to our industry. Beyond just the dollars and cents, I wanted to take a look at a few of the realities of integrating high-res into our projects - some of them that might not seem so obvious.

Throughout the 45 minute upload, Larry discusses whether or not we should look into 4K. He also explains the issues of data transfer and bottlenecks caused by the media we try to record onto.
While you may have already heard or read about most of the technical aspects of 4K shooting and editing that Larry presents, you may be interested in the part on Mac Pro and other Mac computers (begins 27:45) and 4K distribution (begins 36:38):


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