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Larry Jordan Predicts: Creating Movies for an iPad on a Windows - the future of MacPro
Posted by Piotr, motionVFX Team
May 26, 2012, at 2:15 PM

 Imagine a world in which all professionals from the film industry working on Windows system. Is it possible? Is in this direction, consciously or not the current Apple policy aims?

"Can you imagine what it would be like creating movies for an iPad on a Windows system?" - Such a question ends the last post on Larry’s Jordan Blog. This time the starting point for his considerations is the uncertainty about the future of the MacPro which Larry describes as: "Apple’s last remaining tower computer and a daily workhorse throughout the creative world" . There is a recalled example of a social media group shares on facebook claiming a clarity of MacPro Tower’s future. The lack of suitable tools will lead to the disappearance of the entire production branch formed around the Apple - this is probably overblown, but however possible vision of the future.

"For those of us running businesses using a hardware tool that can not be sourced from any other vendor, it would be very, very helpful to know if it has a future life."

Larry argues that more openness and reliable information about the upcoming changes would be very helpful and creative for all professionals working on Mac hardware and Apple software:

"It has been obvious for the last couple of years that creative professionals no longer make up the bulk of Apple’s business – and that’s fine with me, I wish Apple every success. But because we are responsible for creating the content that Apple displays so wonderfully on all its consumer devices, it would be really helpful if Apple could share with us an outline of their future hardware plans for those tools that consumers will never buy and professionals can’t live without."

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May 26, 2012
Interesting. I believe Apple will kill MacPro.