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Leica's new LCD-less digital camera will take you back in time.
Posted by Maciej
May 5, 2016, at 11:13 AM

We all have gotten used to digital photography and looking at a digital panel when taking a photo. But maybe there is something lost in the moment of taking the photo, as we focus on what it will look like rather than the choosing the perfect moment to take it.

The German manufacturer Leica seems to think so, and is putting out a new camera dubbed the Leica M-D Typ 262, lacking the LCD screen. Leica claims it will take users to a simpler time before digital photography and focus entirely on taking a photo in the moment. In the place of a rear LCD you'll find an old-school ISO dial and of course without a screen, it also means this digital rangefinder features analog controls for every setting from shutter speed to drive modes.

Leica argument goes back to the ongoing legacy of analog Leica M rangefinders, and will help photographers focus on capturing the moment at hand. No worries about taking shots in the dark as as the digital rangefinder comes with a built-in light meter that will help tell you if you have the right exposure settings.
Nowadays we seem to be in the habit of checking every photo we take immediately after taking it, but it can sometimes waste more time than it is actually worth it. Perhaps not every single selfie needs to be perfect, and your family may want to have a good time on their holiday rather than pose for five minutes every time you want to get ‘the perfect photo’
Leica's sensors are famous for capturing great quality and detail, and the Typ 262 should have no problems doing the same thanks to its 24 megapixel sensor. The onboard Maestro image processor saves RAW images as DNG and you will be able to flexibly post-process any shots you didn't nail perfectly.

This camera isn't designed to take video, which should notcome as a surprise considering it doesn't have a screen. The Typ 262 also isn't Leica's first screen less camera, previously the company released a limited edition run of the Leica M-Edition 60.

The Leica M-D (Typ 262) is priced at $5,995  in a bundle that includes a carrying strap in full-grain cowhide leather, and it will be available in the first week of May.

Source: Techradar

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