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Lightworks Editor to be released soon! The free NLE app will be out on 28th of May!
Posted by Michal
May 18, 2012, at 11:34 PM

The Lightworks Editor is a promising non-linear editor that has been in development for quite a long time. Now EditShare, the team behind this amazing project revealed, that after a hugely successful 18-month beta program, the official release of Lightworks, will take place on the 28th May 2012.


New features (if compared to the beta version) include:

  • Very wide format support including AVCHD, H.264, AVC-Intra, DNxHD, ProRes, Red R3D, DPX, XDCAM HD 50, XDCAM EX, DVD, BluRay, 4K support. (DNxHD available for a single additional payment)
  • Support for all popular camcorder and DSLR video
  • Native real-time title generator
  • Improved interoperability – including AAF with Avid and Editshare Flow
  • Major improvements to Drag-and-Drop in the timeline
  • Trimming enhancements
  • Automatic Edit backups
  • Better Import and Export windows: more options, easier to use
  • Shared Projects
  • Stereoscopic workflow

On the launch day EditShare will also reveal a new website that will include an Online Store for lightworks-related products, such as Lightworks keyboards and consoles, and a new Lightworks Community with professional profiles, specialist user groups, community events, multi-lingual chat, messaging, video showcases and a multitude of features that will help Pro users connect and contribute to the creative life of the Lightworks Community.

What's the most amazing thing about this editor is that the standard version will be distributed for free! The Pro version on the other hand will be very affordable as it will cost only $60 per year ($30 for educational users). Not bad for an editor packed with such features as multicam editing, 23.976, true 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, or 60 fps support, real-time effects in SD, HD and 2K, RED media support and more (here is the full list of features).

The software is compatible with three systems - Windows, OS X and Linux.


May 19, 2012
Thanks for the mention! Just wanted to clarify that only the Windows version is being released on 28th May. The Linux version will be next, followed by OS X. The three versions have a lot in common - so when they're all available, we'll easily be able to update all three with new features, fixes etc.

Dave (from Editshare)
May 28, 2012
Good stuff. Been following your project for a while as well (in the event I get bored of working on osx and windows). It's great to see how far the program has come.