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MacBreak Studio episode: Reimporting from Camera Archives in Final Cut Pro X!
Posted by Michal
June 28, 2016, at 3:05 AM

The new MacBreak Studio episode is here and Steve Martin and Mark Spencer talk about the process of how to correctly use the "Reimport from Camera/Archive" menu item in Final Cut Pro X. As you are probably aware of, the Camera Archive is an exact copy of a camera card - with all the metadata and card structure. Final Cut Pro X allows you to import the data automatically, so it's a great feature if you want to have a backup of your content. But what's also awesome is that you can restore any lost or corrupt clips directly from the archive. But in the video Steve will explain you how he was attempting to restore some offline clips from a Camera Archive, and made on interesting discovery. Watch the video for details: 


Mark wrote:

"He imports several clips from the archive into Final Cut Pro X. He then quits Final Cut, goes to the Finder location of these clips, and deletes them.

Upon relaunching FCP X, those clips naturally now appear offline. So, he invokes the File > Import > Reimport from Camera/Archive command. And surprise, he gets a warning that the Camera Archive from which this clips were imported is not available! But wait, we know it’s available, it’s on this local drive and even appears as a Favorite in the import window.

Here’s the trick. Before restoring, you have to first open the Import window. That’s it. As long as the archive is set as a Favorite, if you now close the Import window and invoke the Restore command, Final Cut will see the archive and automatically re-import the clips an connect them to the offline versions in the Browser and Timeline."


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