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MacBreak Studio episode: Reverse Favoriting in Final Cut Pro X!
Posted by Michal
June 24, 2016, at 2:40 AM

The new MacBreak Studio episode is live and in the latest video tutorial Steve Martin and Mark Spencer will show you what's the best method for quickly making selections from the best parts of a long clip and then turning them into favorites. This is why they call it "Reverse Favoriting". This editing technique in Final Cut Pro X can be very useful in some specific situations. Mark gives a perfect example - it is not possible to zoom into a clip while in List view and so if you’ve set a range based on a short sound bite in a long clip, you can’t really see the range. The problem is that it isn't easy to adjust the range so in the video Steve shows that rather than setting ranges in the Browser it might be a better idea to edit the entire clip into an empty project.


Mark wrote:

"Then he creates his sound bite ranges by inserting gap clips: so instead of pressing the “i” key to set the in point and the “o” key to set the out point, he presses “Option-w” for each, which visually isolated each sound bite in the timeline. Not only that, it makes it easy to zoom in and adjust the sound bite range without affecting the surrounding clips.

Next, he selects all the parts of the clip he doesn’t want (holding down the Command key to make these non-contiguous selections), leaving just the soundbites and the gap clips remaining.

Now for the interesting part. As long as Show Used Media Ranges is enabled (from the View menu), if you click the disclosure triangle for the clip in the Browser, every sound bite will appear beneath the clip tagged as “Used.” If you then select them all (using the Shift key) and press F, all these clip ranges will be made into favorites (in addition to being tagged as used)!"


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