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MacBreak Studio episode: Selective Audio Filtering in Final Cut Pro X!
Posted by Michal
June 14, 2016, at 3:14 AM

In the latest MacBreak Studio episode Mark Spencer and Steve Martin show you how to selectively add audio filters to specific sections of your audio clip. This stuff can be really useful when you want to work just on a part of your audio clip - for example when you want to add some compression or EQ. Mark reminds that if you set a range on the clip you will discover that when you then drag your selected audio effect on top of your clip, it will be applied to the whole clip - not just a part of it. Of course you can blade the range you want to modify, but it's not always the best choice and it can be problematic if you want to apply a cross-fade effect.


Mark wrote:

"Steve uses and recommends a different procedure, in which he sets a range on the audio he wants to filter, then disables that range (by tapping the V key), then copies that range and pastes from the start of the range, creating a separate copy of the audio connected to the video clip. He is now free to apply audio effects to this range and then, it is a straight-forward task to create smooth cross-fades between this affected audio clip and the audio leading into and coming out of this clip."


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