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mBokeh Anamorphic 4K - 50 Anamorphic Drag & Drop Bokeh Elements for any NLE
Posted by Szymon Masiak
May 13, 2016, at 1:13 PM

Anamorphic lenses are known for the special way they affect how images get projected onto the camera sensor. They are also very appreciated for the incredible light effects they produce during the process of filming. Some filmmakers use them especially to create a unique look that affects almost every aspect of the shot, like mood, overall lighting and dramatic effect. Undoubtedly, it takes a lot of skill to use all those characteristics of anamorphic lenses, but now you have a much easier way to have all the beautiful effects without all the effort and hours of preparations.

mBokeh 4K is a stunning collection of astounding anamorphic light effects shot in 4K resolution on Phantom Flex 4K camera with top-quality anamorphic lenses. Now you can add a wide range of ideal bokeh effects to every shot with just drag and drop action.

These bokehs are smooth, diversified and easy to use. Giving a video an extra delicate sparkling lighting boost is just a click away. You can also experiment with different blending modes to achieve even more diverse looks or mix different mBokehs together - the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Have fun illuminating your edits!

Learn More: mBokeh Anamorphic 4K

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