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New MacBreak Studio episode: Orbiting Objects in Motion!
Posted by Michal
July 8, 2016, at 4:41 AM

It's time for the new episode of MacBreak Studio! This week, Steve Martin and Mark Spencer will show you how to harness the power of behaviors to cause objects in Apple Motion to orbit one another, and build your Motion projects faster and easier than ever. This tutorial is the result of a post that appeared on Facebook in which one editor was trying to make one object orbit around another by using keyframes. Keyframes offer you great possibilities and are usually the perfect choice when creating an animation, but according to Mark there's a better approach that in many situations can be faster and more useful. He's talking about behaviors. When working on an animation ask yourself if there's a behavior that you can use instead of keyframes. If so, go for it! Why? Watch the video to find out!


Mark wrote:

"In today’s example, I start by providing a few tips on how to quickly draw and align some shapes, including how to make them out of dots rather than continuous lines. Then, I demonstrate how you could animate one object around another by first changing its anchor point, and then keyframing its Rotation parameter. Or, better, by applying a Rate parameter behavior to Rotation. But there’s another way.

Instead, I move to the Simulation set of behaviors, and use the appropriately named Orbit behavior. This behavior makes any type of layer (or group of layers) rotate around any other type of layer (or group of layers) immediately without the use of keyframes by placing the object(s) to be orbited in the Well in the Heads Up Display."


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