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Photo/Video Trends episode: Cine Gear, Adobe Spark, Eye Plug and more!
Posted by Michal
June 28, 2016, at 2:15 AM

In the latest episode of Photo/Video Trends, hosted by Jay P. Morgan and Lars Lindstrom, you will hear some info on stuff that should grab your attention. As always the show focuses on news from the industry and as expected Cine Gear is one of the most important topics. As well as the "ARRI Alexa Incident" (which you can see in the video below the Photo/Video Trends episode). But of course many other topics are in the spotlight - Panavision’s new camera, a discussion on music copyright, Adobe Spark, the Canon 1000mm Lens and many more. You will find the full list of subjects discussed in the video at the bottom of the post.


List of topics with timestamps:

  • Cine Gear 0:47
  • ARRI Alexa vs the Steadicam 1:03
  • Panavision’s new camera DXL RED 8k Weapon Sensor 2:55
  • DGI- new products 4:53
  • Music Copyright Question 6:43
  • Eye-Plug 9:09
  • Instagram New Algorithm for everyone + business accounts 10:54
  • Adobe Spark 12:36
  • Canon 1000mm Lens 14:00
  • Canadian Film team 16:40
  • LaCie Hard drives 18:30
  • Q&A 21:30


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