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Pixel war continues with the Japanese AH-4800 8K cam!
Posted by Andrzej
July 17, 2013, at 9:53 AM

The 4K cameras have been available for quite some time from some manufacturers, others are trying to catch up with the party, but it seems no breaks are planned. The war of pixel continues as brings news on NHK, the Japanese broadcaster, plans to implement 8K, and the first tests are to take place in 2016!

The video below will give you more info as well as explain that the camera is still not complete, but it sure has a lot of potential and the Japanese seem very confident about their 8K project:

Here’s some specs info via

At its recent Open House, NHK showed the new 8K AH-4800 camera head, co-developed with Tokyo-basedAstroDesign, which is much lighter and more compact than previous models. It has a 2.5in, 33-megapixel  “single plate” CMOS image sensor and processing circuitry in a 125mm (W) x 125mm (H) x 150mm (D) housing (about 5in square). Total weight, with lens, is said to be 4.4lbs, and it captures images at up to 60fps.

It really makes you wonder about how's the market going to react. Will that cause some price drops or make people who were going to invest in 4K gear hesitate and wait?  It seems that the potential of 4K has not yet been fully used and we really need to be cautious about the predictions.


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