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The Hobbit - the final production video, behind the scenes and the big premiere!
Posted by Michal
December 18, 2012, at 12:45 AM

It's over. The world ends in a few days and so according to schedule comes the final Production Video of The Hobbit! As you might remember this is, or rather was, a great series of vlog videos showing you how Peter Jackson was making this blockbuster. And let's not forget that the movie was shot in 48p, so it will be surely interesting to watch. Anyway this last episode focuses on the big premiere of the movie. As always it's pretty funny and nice to watch.

Pretty amazing! Let's hope others will follow and we will see such amazing and fun production videos for other movies as well!

If you want to watch more from The Hobbit and all the previews production videos, follow this link for the whole collection.


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