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Creative COW Magazine launches new iPad application!
Posted by Michal
May 17, 2011, at 3:42 PM

Creative COW is an online service which provides peer-to-peer support for media production professionals in film, broadcast, and related fields. The team is also releasing the Creative COW Magazine which provides additional printed content. However the magazine has not been accessible on the iPad platform but now - thanks to a new iPad app - it is! The new iPad platform makes Creative COW Magazine content far more available and convenient for the publication’s digital users.


Because our readership is so web and digital platform savvy, both on and also through our Apple iTunes podcasts, making the print magazine available through an iPad app was the next logical step,” said Creative COW CEO, Ronald Lindeboom. “As a publication that serves a rapidly changing technological landscape, it makes sense to reflect that onto our own business to the benefit of our users.”

Creative COW Magazine is a chronicle of actual working professionals telling their stories, with most of our articles being first-person narratives told about actual production stories by people involved in the work. Texts are written by people who really work with the specific tools.


You can get the iPad version of Creative COW Magazine here.


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