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First-Person Final Cut Pro X - a week-long introduction to the new Final Cut!
Posted by Michal
July 4, 2011, at 6:46 PM

Professional film & video editor Matthew Levie produced and edited the documentary Honest Man and writes Blog and Capture. You can check out an excerpt from this movie, directed by James Dirschberger, below. Anyway Matthew has been invited by TUAW to share his thoughts on Final Cut Pro X and so a set of articles named "First-Person Final Cut Pro X" is the unvarnished story of his week-long introduction to the new Final Cut. Four parts were published so three more are coming. You will find them here.

Here is the list of parts already available:

  • First-Person Final Cut Pro X, Day One: Completely at Sea
  • First-Person Final Cut Pro X, Day Two: Learning the Ropes
  • First-Person Final Cut Pro X, Day Three: Media Management
  • First-Person Final Cut Pro X, Day Four: Gaining Perspective

And here are some excerpts:

"So I really, really did not believe that FCP X would be "iMovie Pro." But I have to say, my friends, I was far too optimistic. Apple has thrown us squarely under the bus. Somebody at Apple decided that making professional editors happy was just too damn much trouble, and that a much simpler program would allow them to fire 80% of the engineers and lose only 10% of the customers."

"Basic editing is not that different. I kind of like the new "skimmer," which is kind of like a second playhead, and you can make a three-point edit just like you used to. (...) I suspect there's a lot of things that are in the program, but to use them you'll have to reprogram your keyboard. I took a couple of minutes and reprogrammed as much of my keyboard as possible to vaguely resemble FCP 7."

"There has been a lot of press about how you can't move projects around. This doesn't seem to be true. You can create a Project (which is what we've all been calling a Sequence), select the project, choose File>Duplicate Project, and have FCP X copy the entire project and its associated Event (meaning all its associated clips) to another drive. I did this successfully."


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