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Production Technology 2014 - a survey by Televisual
Posted by Andrzej
August 21, 2014, at 11:58 AM

It’s getting harder to keep up with all the gear and software changes; it’s also difficult to observe changes in the industry when you stick to your workflow and camera system. Such trends can indicate which companies are on the rise, and may therefore invest more in this particular branch, and which are declining. At we read:

That’s where the Production Technology Survey comes in. Amidst a sea of competing products, we’ve sought to establish which are the most popular technology brands and models in production today, as well as highlighting the key technology trends that are driving the market. We’ve done this by asking 100 senior production execs for their views about the technology they use in production.

The survey is divided into several sections, one of which deals with the cameras. The 100 respondents gave the following answers regarding cameras they’ve been using in the past year:

It gets more interesting, though. Another question represented with a chart focuses on the cameras the same respondents hope to use in the next 12 months. This clearly indicates whether they’re satisfied with their manufacturer, or would like to switch to another. Of course, ‘hope’ does not mean they will (for whatever reasons). Nevertheless, please notice the big difference for Arri and Canon on the second chart:

The remaining parts of the survey are available via links on the first page of the article at here. You'll find there sections on:

  • The top editing, compositing and grading systems
  • 4K: how long before it's mainstream?
  • The cloud and digital workflows
  • Who took part in the Production Technology Survey 2014?


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