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Red Scarlet: The Gateway Drug - a RED Scarlet X review by Timur Civan!
Posted by Michal
February 21, 2012, at 12:42 AM

Which one is better? RED Scarlet X or Canon EOS C300? We will not answer this tricky question but here you have a very informative review of the Scarlet X. It was written by Timur Civan who really likes RED's new camera.

"Like is too soft a word. I adore my RED Scarlet. This comes as a surprise to me not because i was expecting a bad camera, i just wasn't expecting something that i would come to be so fond of."

In the past he was shooting on the Sony F3 with sLog which he loved. This is why he had some reservations but in the end he decided to buy the camera with the 5" LCD. He also purchased the Wooden Camera Anton Bauer back plate.

"I had originally planned on using the RED base production pack to remedy the lack of standard mounting points on the bottom. Waiting for it to arrive, I put the scarlet to good use, and started day one on a eight day shoot. The setup below, is without the base plate riser, with the camera bolted directly to a Element Technica 19mm Hybrid Plate."


However this setup presented a problem - the camera was positioned too low so the matte-box and follow focus could not fit under the lens.

"This problem had to be remedied. I cancelled my base production pack from RED and had the Easy Riser, Rubber handle, and Easy Stick over nighted from Wooden Camera. I could not be happier. Ryan at Wooden Camera has been nothing short of spectacular with regards to customer service."

During the shooting Timur observed that the RED 5" LCD does not articulate in the most convenient way so he had to use the SmallHD DP6 monitor.

Another interesting thing - according to the author, the Scarlet X (with batteries) fits without problems in a Canon DSLR bag!

He also had the opportunity to use the camera on a commercial for a national cable TV provider.

"The director wanted 4k ProRes4444 at the end of the day. We had a little glitch with the Rocket card and the current RCXpro build, and with some overtime, eventually fixed the problem and delivered the footage on time. When using Green Screen, I think its particularly important to shoot on primes. The flat illumination (no vignetting) of the iPanchros, mixed with the massive resolution and 16bit REDCODE RAW; made for some excellent plates that keyed flawlessly."


And the last thoughts:

"Ever since i got the Scarlet i have not stopped using it. Photography work, commercials, narrative films, corporate, cine-doc, you name it.... there is nothing i've come across that it hasn't been perfect for."

If you want to read Timur's thoughts on exposure and view some sample images, make sure to follow this link for the whole review!


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