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ShotOnWhat? Motion Picture & TV Technical Database
Posted by Piotr, motionVFX Team
February 8, 2013, at 10:27 PM

Most of you probably use IMDb or another online movie database when looking for accurate information about filmmamers, actors and production crew personnels in a particular film or television program. But where you can find complete technical data related to film including the camera used, lens and the software for editing, coloring and for visual effects work. Such knowledge can be found on dynamically being developed the new Motion Picture & Television Technical Database at

Declaration of the goals posed by the authors is very promising:

"Our goal at ShotOnWhat? is to create the largest collection of technical information that exists for Film & Television productions. If it has been seen on TV or shown in a theater, we would like to gather as much technical information as possible about the cameras, gear, post, sound, VFX and any other associated elements or processes, notes and trivia from the production. We are making the information searchable, cross referencing it a bit, and creating some trending to observe long term shifts in technology."

For now, it is still beta version, but every day new data arrives and you too can help in developing this database. For example, choosing a movies edited with Final Cut Pro, you will get a set of 60 titles. Try it yourself, here.

"We are adding new titles daily. Please add yours or feel free to update an existing title. As we continue to add categories and gear to the lists, we are always interested in your thoughts and ideas. Are we missing something?"

Here is a complete list of attributes used in the service. It looks really impressive.

  • Cameras - Motion Picture film & digital cameras used in production.
  • Lens Maker - Lens Manufacturers.
  • Lenses - Make, model and focal length of lenses used during filming.
  • Lens Adapters - Lens adapters, or lens attachements that changes the properties of the lens.
  • Lens Filters - Any filtration used during the capture of orginal camera image. Usually used in front of the lens or sensor.
  • Moving the Camera - Equipment used to create motion in the frame; dollies, cranes and stabilization, etc.
  • Aspect Ratio - Ratio of vertical to horizontal resolution. Format 1.78:1.
  • Camera Aperture - The term used to describe the geometric proportions determining the shape of the film or sensor exposure.
  • Film Manufacturer - Film negative manufacturer or film print manufacturer.
  • Film Negative Stock - Make and model of film negative used during filming.
  • Film Print Stock - Make and model of film print stock used for distribution of the film.
  • Film Print Orientation - The direction of the film used for print distribution, horizontal or vertical.
  • Film Width - Negative width size in millemeters.
  • Negative Pulldown - The number of perforations of the film negative.
  • Camera Negative Orientation - Horizontal or vertical running of film in the camera. Enables information about camera and camera aperature.
  • Editing Systems - The major editing system used to edit the final version.
  • Finishing Systems - The major finishing system used to color the final version.
  • Digital Intermediate - Whether a digital intermediate was performed during the finishing stage.
  • 3D Rigs - Stereoscopic 3D camera rigs for dual-camera.
  • Stereoscopic System - The stereoscopic method employed during production.
  • 3D Format - Shot in native 3D, converted to 3D or digitally created 3D.
  • Primary Released 2D – 3D - Original format for distribution.
  • 3D Re-release Year - The year the conversion to 3D was released, usually a previously released 2D production.
  • 3D Conversion Companies - Production company responsible for the conversion to 3D.
  • Working Colorspace - The color space used during capture and post production phases of the project.
  • Delivered Colorspace - The color space used to deliver the final project for distribution.
  • Color Managment System - The software, process or tools used to manage the color space used during the production and post.
  • Shooting Resolution - Camera vertical and horizontal pixel resolution.
  • Post Resolution - Working resolution during post-production.
  • Bit Depth & Subsample - Original camera media essence capture information. Bit Depth and Chroma Subsampling information.
  • VFX Tools - Software used for visual effects work.
  • Optical Effects - In camera or in front of camera optical effects used during filming.
  • Additional Post Process - Other processes used during the post-production.
  • Sound Systems - The type of sound system used for a production.
  • Audio Recording - Hardware and software used for the recording of audio during production.
  • Audio Finishing - Hardware and software used during the sound design and mix of audio.
  • Audio Distribution - Method and format used to delivery the final audio.
  • Surround Sound - Type of surround sound used for distribution, including object oriented methods.
  • Distribution Medium - Distribution as Digital Cinema Package, Film or for Broadcast.
  • Additional Distribution - Other methods used for distribution, such as Blu-Ray, DVD, Streaming, On-Demand, etc.
  • Distribution Resolution - Final delivery resolution.
  • Project Frame Rate - Frames per second used during production and post production phases.
  • Distribution Frame Rate - Frames per second used for final delivery of project for distribution.
  • Acquisition - Captured images media used, celluloid, video or digital cinema.
  • Animation - Method of animation used to create the project.
  • Digital Recorders - Make of digital media capture devices used for original camera data.
  • On Set Services - Services used during the production to assist the camera department, video village, coloring, dailies, 3D viewing, etc.
  • Lighting Systems - Lights and equipment used during the production for illumination.
  • Shooting Space - The local area used for the production, studios, underwater, outerspace, etc.
  • Shooting Region - Other processes used during the post-production.
  • Film Scanners - Film scanners used to transfer celluloid based images to digital files.
  • Film Recorders - Film recorders used to transfer digital files to celluloid or any optical work.
  • Codecs & Formats - Encoding formats and tape formats, recording types.
  • 3D Distribution System - Stereoscopic 3D distribution and viewing system.
  • Cut Negative - Actual cutting for the edit of celluliod film. Widely used to until most recently.
  • Post Facility - Post-Production facility and film labs, any post processes used.
  • VFX Facility - Visual effects facility used for visual elements or supportive process.

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