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Simulate camera movement on your time lapse video with Panolapse!
Posted by Andrzej
May 29, 2013, at 10:03 AM

Adding motion to your time lapse video greatly enhances its appeal. Yet, in order to achieve such an effect you need some sliding or rotating equipment that would cause some actual movement of the cam. These can  be expensive, difficult to set-up or otherwise inconvenient. Another way is to use editing software, though the problem is that they it doesn't make the necessary perspective amendments. As a result the video may appear flat. It seems that a new solution is only a few clicks away.

Panolapse is a new tool for adding motion to your videos and images. Apart from simulating movement it compensates for perspective changes, thus making the video more convincing. With Panolapse you can control motion over pitch, yaw, roll and zoom axes.

Watch the promotional video for Panolapse:

What is more, the tool is free for output resolutions up to 1280x720 HD. Unlocking higher resolutions will cost you $65 (per computer). This is definitely worth trying! It's available for both PC & Mac.

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