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Six technologies that can change the filmmaking industry forever!
Posted by Michal
July 6, 2016, at 2:44 AM

Times change, technologies change, the way we work changes and actually everything changes around us. Usually this process is quite slow, so sometimes it doesn't get noticed, but it occurs. And of course, this process is also present in the filmmaking industry. Just a simple example - film was being used in the filmmaking business for dozens of years but now most movie studios prefer to shoot in digital, because it's cheaper, more effective and (some might not agree) it offers better quality. But we're still moving forward and the question is, what does the future hold for our industry and where filmmaking will be in a few years? In a recent blog post, Jourdan Aldredge of Premiumbeat tries to give an answer to this question. He shares his thoughts on six technologies he believes will change many things in the future. Here they are!

1. Light Field Technology

"Well, basically when you take a picture with the ILLUM, you capture all of the image with all of the available information. Not just the parts in focus. Not just the light you see. All of it. Everything. Which essentially lets you decide in post what you want your aperture and focus to be."

2. Flat Lenses

"A flat, ultra-thin lens can theoretically offer complete accuracy over a wider range of wavelengths and reduce chromatic aberrations usually associated with curved-lens capture. The new technology would certainly re-image how we create and package cameras."

3. iPhone 7 Dual-Lens Camera

"While, the iPhone 7 won’t be the first phone camera to use dual lenses — it’ll probably be the best. Apple’s purchase of LinX Imaging gives the company the technology to give their phones SLR-quality image capturing capabilities, along with the always included fun gimmicks and features."

4. Canon Patents

"Highlights include a new Canon 5D, a camera which has routinely shaken up the world of digital video and photography over the last decade. And a possible Canon C700 to compete with the ARRI AMIRA."

5. Computerized Sound Design

"MIT researchers have developed a computer system that can analyze silent video and add in realistic sound."

6. AI-written Screenplays

"New York University AI researcher Ross Goodwin teamed up with director Oscar Sharp to create Benjamin: a self-named recurrent neural network that penned its own screenplay after being fed dozens of science fiction movies as source material."

For more info on these thoughts, click here.


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