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The Final Cut Library Manager 3 available!
Posted by Justyna
February 11, 2016, at 9:07 PM

Are you struggling with managing your FCPX Library? Folks behind Arctic Whitnesess created great tool to help you with keeping all your Final Cut Pro X libraries in order, thanks to many associated Caches, Medias, Folders and External Files. The system works perfectly, as it immediately displays all Libraries, which are situated on your Spotlight-indexed drives. It’s possible to add different sources, such as: Xsan volumes or folders, disks and even those that aren’t indexed by the spotlight.

All elements placed in one library
There’s no need of opening your Final Cut Pro X when you just want to take a look at your libraries. You’ve even got access to some missing or disconnected elements. What’s more, all the projects and events are presented with detailed information about the used and recoverable disc space. Besides that, you can also easily find out which of those external disks you need to reconnect, in order to have access to your library. Now, you’ll be able to quickly find everything that’s missing and track it down. And what happens when you decide to keep your media and caches outside libraries’ assets? Well, then you can see where they’re stored and also which disk should be reconnected to get them back. In addition, you have the detailed list of all exported media, no matter if they were uploaded to the internet or exported as a file.

In search of everything, everywhere
When having the advanced license you can search among: project names, notes, event names, comments, and not only media keywords but also personalized names in FCPX. Within this license, you’re also able to sort your libraries, media folders and caches by potential space. Moreover, you’ve got access to exported media, and you’re able to create templates. There’s also a possibility of note-taking.

Final Cut Library Manager is an amazing and innovative tool, so when you want to keep everything that’s in your library in order, this one is definitely worth trying out. There’s also a free demo version available!

Learn more: Arctic Whiteness

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