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The Gaffgun - lay gaffer's tape over cables 10x faster!
Posted by Michal
October 15, 2014, at 2:59 AM

If you love clever and unique products, you'll love the Gaffgun. According to the creators of this device, it is the single greatest advancement in gaffer's tape since the tape was invented. While it sounds too good to be true, the reality is that the Gaffgun really works and can be useful on a semi-pro or professional set. The product description states that the Gaffgun can save over 90% of the time it takes to lay gaffer's tape over cables, it simplifies your job while saving time, money and your back. What's more you can use any type or size of GaffGun tape on the same device and cables don't even have to be straight, but let the Gaffgun speak for itself and watch the video demo below - as you will see the product works like charm and it costs just $199.00, so not much for a device that can save a lot of your time. 


And here you can see how the Gaffgun takes care of 4 cables at once:


You can buy the Gaffgun (and accessories) on the official site of the product (here).


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