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Zeiss Online Vision Screening: Check Your Eyes
Posted by Piotr, motionVFX Team
May 23, 2012, at 3:39 PM

Each filmmaker and photographer has to take care of your eyes. Do you regularly check the health of your eyes?

An online screening tool from Carl Zeiss Vision is designed for all those who do not like to break away from the net. You can pass the test sitting on your own armchair regardless you wear glasses or contacts as well as you don’t. This test consists of three parts their visual acuity, contrast vision, and color vision. It takes you two minutes only.

Jeff Hopkins, Carl Zeiss Vision’s senior manager of professional affairs said in an interview by Brian Klein from Medgadget: "We found that about 30% of people surveyed experience problems when reading, 44% rate their night vision as no better than satisfactory, and 48% do not have an eye exam every two years—they either wait longer than that or don’t have eye exams at all. Two years is considered the life of a prescription for glasses and contact lenses; you’re prescription continues to change throughout your life.

This is why we are focusing on increasing awareness and giving people the opportunity to have a quick vision screening online, so we can recommend that they see an eye doctor."

You can read the interview here.

And here is The ZEISS Online Vision Screening. I wish you result like this:

Congratulations. Your visual performance appears to be very good.
However you should be sure to undergo an annual in-depth eye exam at a ZEISS eye care professional.

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