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Product compatible with Apple Silicon.

Over 300 pre-animated food modules exclusively for FCPX

Buy now $69 Watch trailer Watch tutorial

Let’s cook
some design!

Use over 300 top-quality modules to put together some fancy,
eye-catching cooking compositions and enjoy a dynamic and
beautifully animated cuisine show!

Prepared for the highest resolutions

on-screen controls

Arrange the components with handy on-screen controls.
Use our automatic animation system to move your elements
around the screen.

Traditional Meets


Use your imagination to creatively combine the elements and
give your project a beautiful visual side. From cooking shows to
personal video blogs - now you can make it look professional in
just a couple of minutes!

diversified elements

Beautifully animated with additional movement mode & multiple rigs

. Fruits & Vegetables .

. Cheese & Eggs .

. Herbs .

. Meat .

. Nuts & Seeds .

. Spices .

. Whole Grains .

. Sweets .

. Utensils .

. Typography .

. Particles .

. Backgrounds .

. Overlay Effects .

. Camera Movements .

+ Custom Elements

Technical specifications

Supported software

FCPX 10.3.3, Motion 5.3.2 (or later)


over 270 FCPX titles with rigs


1.02 GB

Music used in trailer

> - La Dolce Vita

Music used in tutorial

> - Faraway Fields

Bon appétit!

With mCuisine's incredibly vast collection of pre-animated
elements, your FCPX scene will turn into an amazing cooking
show in no time. Feel like a chef and create some gourmet
design that will stimulate your viewers appetite for more!

Buy now $69