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VAT may apply
Product works on Apple Silicon only via workaround.

FCPX 10.3.4 or Motion 5.3.2 Required

organic flare effects

Lens flares are used to drastically change the atmosphere of the scene, match
the mood between clips and even add that missing bit of realism to CG shots.
mFlare 2 allows you to add realistic lens flare effects to live action footage
directly inside Apple's Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5 apps.


Tested in real-world production environments

#1 lens flare tool in the world


A production-proven tool used by
professionals around the world.


Its exceptional quality has also been noticed by Apple itself


Easy and flexible workflow and
blazing-fast rendering.


Redesigned UI

We took everything that was best about mFlare and cranked it up even further.
The interface loads instantly and provides quick access to all necessary
tools making your workflow more intuitive and effortless.


mFlare 2 is packed with 10 base elements conveniently
customizable with handy on-screen controls and a set
of essential parameters.

Colorization System

mFlare 2 includes a brand new tool for finding a perfect color palette for your lens effects.
As in real life, it uses values from the light spectrum and automatically matches
the secondary colors based on the picked conditions.

Detailed by REALITY

Dozens of textures captured from real imperfections of the camera's lens will
bring your flare effects to the next level of realism.

100 Realistic Presets

A huge library of ready-made presets based on real-life
anamorphic flares. Diverse, organic and at your fingertips.

Scroll to preview presets


Automatic Tracker Powered by


Remember trying to animate your lens flare frame by
frame to match your clip?
No more! Just select a region, hit Track and the built-in
Mocha tracker will do the rest. You can even combine
your existing animation with the Track Brightness feature,
which automatically dims the entire effect
based on your clip's content.

You can also spice up your Motion 5 compositions
by switching to the Lights in Group mode, which will
instantly place a new flare in each of your 3D lights'


mFlare 2 leverages the full computational performance of your Mac so now you can do
more and faster than ever.

Technical specifications

Supported software

FCPX 10.3.4, Motion 5.3.2 (or later)


mFlare 2 plugin + 100 lens flare presets


128.7 MB

Music used in trailer

> - Massive Hybrid Trailer

> - Huge Hybrid Trailer

Intel Graphics Not Recommended

LOVE the light

Experience how easy it is to create authentic lens flare effects using mFlare 2.
You'll fall in love with it!

BUY NOW $149