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Product list
Product compatible with Apple Silicon.
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Editor recording voiceover for video production

Assorted Channel Openers for DaVinci Resolve

Editor recording voiceover for video production

Watch trailer

See these attention-grabbing intros in action and feel the impact they’d have on your channel’s look!

Editor recording voiceover for video production

watch tutorial

Improve your workflow

Get to know the tips and tricks to maximize the benefits from using mIntro 2 DV!

Distinct and memorable visuals

Define your channel

Captivate the viewers, grab their attention and make them want to come back for more.

Motion design that attracts

Excellently crafted

These ready-to-use visual presets will help you get your content to another level.

Editor recording voiceover for video production


astounding presets

hover or tap to preview animations





Editor recording voiceover for video production

Technical specifications

Supported software
DaVinci Resolve 17.3,
macOS or Windows,
16GB system memory,
55 astounding presets
2.3 MB
Music used in trailer
Music used in tutorial


After purchasing, the product is instantly available for download via mInstaller.