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Product compatible with Apple Silicon.

Ultimate Travel Video Editing Tools for Final Cut Pro

Watch and enjoy the show

See the impact of mJourney on travel-themed videos and experience the adventure and emotions accompanying the trip.

Grasp the know-how & perfect your workflow

Experience the powerful impact mJourney can have on your edits and see how it adds a professional vibe to any video!

Time to explore

Present a record of your expedition

Take your viewers on a journey with engaging and captivating videos with a graphic layout that puts the focus on the beauty of your shots and keeps their informative traits at the same time.

Depict the most spectacular and unforgettable experiences

Travel-themed videos are often breathtaking. Keep the audience’s attention on them and put your shots together in a consistent way with professional visual tools.

diverse presets for fcp

An ultimate collection of visual tools to elevate your travel edits to the next level.

Hover or tap to view animations



Drop Zones





Create a rousing narrative

The beginning of every edit is a start of a journey through a story. Tell yours with impeccable style and make a memorable impression.

Technical specifications

Supported software
macOS 10.15.7,
Motion 5.5.3 or Final Cut Pro 10.5.4
77 titles + 11 transitions for Final Cut Pro
78.7 MB
Music used in trailer — Never Gonna Come Down


After purchasing, the product is instantly available for download via mInstaller.