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Product compatible with Apple Silicon.

A Selection Of Diverse Lower3rds for FCPX

See what you can make with them

Learn how to use FCPX plugins
mLower 3rd mLower 3rd

Illustrateany topic

Add stylish descriptions and clarify your message.

Match any stylistics

Find a perfect look to fit your project.

Diversifiedmotion graphics

A huge collection of lower thirds that will equip your toolbox with over 130 diversified presets that you can use instantly or customize to perfectly fit your current stylistics.

OVER 130 Diverse Lower3rds for FCPX


Watch Tutorial

Learn how to apply this plugin to meet your needs.

Technical specifications

Supported software macOS 10.14.6,
Motion 5.4.5 or Final Cut Pro 10.4.8
Includes 131 FCPX Titles
Size 380.6 MB
Music used in trailer – Waves Crashing
Music used in tutorial – After Hours


After purchasing, the product is instantly available for download via mInstaller.