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MotionVFX contest
Epidemic Sound

DaVinci Resolve Final Cut Pro

All is cut and done

Let the winners be known!

Creativity is a funny thing — when you try to limit it, it finds the most unlikely ways to flourish and amaze. And so it happened this time — we limited your creative choices of music to only 5 tracks, prepared for this occasion by Epidemic Sound. And yes, creativity prevailed once again. Watch, listen, believe!


First prize
Hans Daniel Valladares Sanchez
MacBook Pro (13-inch, M2, 2022)

I spent many hours thinking and creating an original idea to stand out. It was something that came up at a friends get-together and we wanted to make it clear that we were outside and being the center of attention “vibing” and the song was perfect for this occasion. The plugin helped me to materialize exactly what I wanted to capture in the video, with its unique transitions and effects it has made my workflow a lot easier.
One year subscription on
MacBook Pro

Second prize
Kim Dayrren Andaya
DJI Air 2S

For this video I’ve worked with an artist, adding a creative directing to make the video more compelling. To be honest, while shooting the video, I already pictured the final output I’d get by using mMusicCut plugin. Adding quality effects to your videos can really make them stand out from the crowd, make them hype and dynamic. It can be the difference between a good video and a great video.
DJI Air 2S
One year subscription on

Third prize
Marcos Rodriguez
Zhiyun Crane M3 Pro

I shot the video in 2 days, but it took me 4 days of editing. mMusicCut plugin has actually become my biggest inspo to create this video. I was looking for a modern, hip-hop music video look, so I used LUTS from the pack, it’s no secret that sometimes it takes the right grading to reveal the magic in your final cut. Also the titles come in clutch pre-animated, so I could get more creative than just changing font and color. I did that, I made it texturized and 3D. Not to mention, the transitions were hype.
Zhiyun Crane M3 Pro
One year subscription on
$500 in store credit

Special prize
Remaining highlighted videos:

Panos Vassilopoulos
Chun Chun
Denny Herzog
Alan Ting
Morty Mizrahi
Jose Manuel Moya Fernandez
Dan Ramm

Congratulations, Creators!

We’re madly proud of you. Keep creating!

A price for everything? Nah...

A prize for everyone!

A shiny new MacBook Pro, a cutting-edge camera drone, a pro gimbal, plus thousands of dollars of in-store credit and yearly Epidemic Sound subscriptions — the prize list looked like an editor's letter to Santa. It was SO worth it!

First 300 submissions

Thank you for your AMAZING work. It means the world to us!