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Product works on Apple Silicon only via workaround.


200 lifelike MATERIALS for THE mO2 plugin

DON'T HAVE mO2 yet?


Real-life surfaces

A huge library of realistic materials to bring your 3D models
to even higher levels of photorealism.

What's included?

Brown Stone Mosaic

Diverse Ceramic Tiles

Patterned Tiles

Pink Ceramic Mosaic

Pink Vintage Tiles

Plain Tiles

Rough Stone Mosaic

Smooth Paving Tiles

Uneven Tiles

Block Wall

Blotched Cement

Brick Wall

Cement Paving

Cement Wall

Coarse Paving Tiles

Concrete Panel

Concrete Paving

Concrete Slabs

Concrete Wall

Crumbling Concrete

Dirty Concrete

Fake Brick Siding

Fine Concrete

Painted Bricks

Painted Wall

Plain Paving Tiles

Raw Brick Wall

Scratched Concrete

Slanting Paving Tiles

Smooth Concrete

Stone Paving Tiles

Stone Siding

Stone Wall

Weathered Smooth Concrete

Black Thick Leather

Brown Thick Leather

Dark Blue Leather

Dark Perforated Leather

Dark Punctured Leather

Dark Thick Leather

Deep Red Leather

Light Perforated Leather

Linen Canvas

Navy Blue Leather

Painted Canvas

Purple Leather

Smooth Dark Leather

Spotty Yellow Leather

Cracked Ground

Cracked Soil

Damp Mud

Dark Asphalt

Forest Bedding

Forest Moss



Light Asphalt

Smooth Soil

Soil And Stones



Wavy Sand

Bumpy Metal

Cast Iron Grate

Celtic Knot

Container Facade

Corrugated Iron

Corrugated Sheet

Danger Pattern Sign

Forged Iron Plate

Framed Metal Panels

Grunge Metal

Iron Grate

Metal Panels

Metal Pattern

Metal Tiles

Old Brass

Oxidized Welded Metal

Painted Riveted Metal

Patterned Iron Plate

Patterned Iron

Raw Chrome

Rusty Grate

Rusty Mesh

Rusty Oxidized Metal

Steel Grate

Steel Siding

Venting Panels

Wavy Metal Grate

Welded Metal Plates

Alien Skin

Painted Cement

Painted Plaster

Plain Plaster

Rough Plaster

Sand Brick Siding

Smooth Plaster

Spotty Plaster

Structural Plaster

Textured Plaster

Thin-layer Plaster

Basalt Pavement


Chipped Stone Wall

Fine Gravel

Granite Siding


Marble 01 Rough

Marble 01 Smooth

Marble 02 Rough

Marble 02 Smooth

Marble 03 Rough

Marble 03 Smooth

Marble 04 Rough

Marble 04 Smooth

Marble 05 Rough

Marble 05 Smooth

Marble 06 Rough

Marble 06 Smooth

Marble 07 Rough

Marble 07 Smooth

Marble 08 Rough

Marble 08 Smooth

Marble 09 Rough

Marble 09 Smooth

Marble 10 Rough

Marble 10 Smooth

Marble 11 Rough

Marble 11 Smooth

Marble 12 Rough

Marble 12 Smooth

Marble 13 Rough

Marble 13 Smooth

Marble 14 Rough

Marble 14 Smooth

Marble 15 Rough

Marble 15 Smooth

Marble 16 Rough

Marble 16 Smooth

Marble 17 Rough

Marble 17 Smooth

Marble 18 Rough

Marble 18 Smooth

Pink Gravel

Rugged Rock

Smooth Red Granite

Thick Gravel

Sci-fi Panels 1

Sci-fi Panels 10

Sci-fi Panels 11

Sci-fi Panels 12

Sci-fi Panels 13

Sci-fi Panels 14

Sci-fi Panels 15

Sci-fi Panels 16

Sci-fi Panels 17

Sci-fi Panels 18

Sci-fi Panels 19

Sci-fi Panels 2

Sci-fi Panels 20

Sci-fi Panels 3

Sci-fi Panels 4

Sci-fi Panels 5

Sci-fi Panels 6

Sci-fi Panels 7

Sci-fi Panels 8

Sci-fi Panels 9

Colorful Composite Plastic

Fine Styrofoam

Plastic Hexagonal Pattern

Synthetic Planks

Thick Styrofoam

Toy Brick

Bamboo Wood

Cedar Wood

Cherry Wood Planks

Cracked Planks

Dry Planks

Engineered Wood

Fine Chipboard

Flaking Bark

Hazel Wood

Mahogany Wood

Mossy Bark

Nailed Planks

Pallet Planks

Pine Wood

Raw Alder Wood

Raw Birch Wood

Rosewood Planks

Rough Planks

Smooth Plywood

Stained Maple Planks

Stained Oak Planks

Thick Chipboard

Walnut Wood Tiles

Weathered Planks

Wide Planks

Wooden Tiles

Wooden Wall

Technical specifications

Required software

mO2 plugin with FCPX 10.4.3 or Motion 5.4.1 (or later)


200 Physically-based realistic materials

626 PNG 2K seamless textures


5.8 GB

Music used in trailer

> - Hopeful Future

BUY NOW $149