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Watch the victorious videos and meet the winners.

Final Cut Pro DaVinci Resolve


And the winners are…

In July we have launched the challenge that focuses on creators’ ability to tell an inspiring story about their path using plugin mPathChallenge. It was our biggest contest to date, engaging most creative content creators wanting to win their share of $20,000 in prizes. But the most challenging part was choosing the best out of the bests. Drumroll, please…



“Inspiration doesn’t exist”

by Evgeniy Pereverzev

Art is as hard and routine work as other occupations. Every masterpiece is based on hard work that can last for several years. Despite the systematic and fairly standard approach to education in the field of art, you must not forget about your individuality and strive to develop your own style. In video editing, tools such as video plugins and templates help create a unique style. It can be compared to a seasoning that can accentuate or add a specific flavor to a dish. Different combinations of the same set of effects allow you to get different results. In the video „Inspiration does not exist” I wanted to create a certain contrast between the first and second parts of the video. In the first part, I tried to recreate the effect of a cozy children’s room covered in bright sunlight using the mPrism plugin and mFilm Matte to recreate the nostalgic feeling. In the second, more dynamic and more dramatic part, I used the m16mm plugin to continue the nostalgic mood, and later on mVCR to recreate the effect of the video from the security camera. All credits at the end of the video were made with the help of mPathChallenge.

DJI AIR 2S Combo Zasób 2

DJI AIR 2S Combo


second PLACE

Mongolia Travel Enthusiast”

by Sean Pyo

I live in the divided country of South Korea. Each year, for the past 10 years I traveled the fields and meadows of Mongolia and documented it with pictures and videos. I guess, showing the beauty of the country is my main aim. I am a traveling photographer. Not a professional video editor. But using mPathChallenge allows such beginners, as me, to create professional edits. Moreover, this plugin reduces editing time. I guess, there is nothing more important than time.

MacBook Pro 13-inch, M1, 2020 Zasób 2

MacBook Pro 13-inch, M1, 2020


third PLACE

I found my passion”

by André Deunhouwer

My story is about finding my passion. Twice! While filming my mountain bike adventures I noticed that I loved doing both very much. These two passions are taking me on lots of journeys across Europe! And I feel blessed to do that. The mPathChallenge plugin challenged me to be creative and use tools I normally don’t use. This gave my video a new vibe and definitely strengthened my passion for video editing.

Blackmagic Design Pocket Zasób 2

Blackmagic Design Pocket

Special prize

Quadriplegic Journey”

by Ronniel Javier

With my video, I wanted to show that even people with quadriplegia (paralyzed from the neck down) can become creative despite physical disabilities. Even when life gives you such challenges, you still have the choice to make things better by pursuing your dreams. In my case, I challenge myself to become better in graphics and video editing. When I lost my ability to walk or hold a spoon due to a spinal cord injury, I thought that the game was over for me. Back then, I had two choices: either to dwell on my disabilities or to move forward and try to work on my skills anyway. This video was shot by my 65-year-old mom, and my dad helped with creating the scene. I then used Final Cut Pro and MotionVFX plugins to create the video. I hope my video becomes an inspiration for those, who go through tough times in life.

$300 in store credits Zasób 2

$300 in store credits

Congrats to the winners and the judges’ favorite from MotionVFX Team!

We hope you will put your prizes to good use.

Prizes for everyone

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For the first 300 participants posting their videos on social media we are giving away $50 in our store to boost your edits with our quality products.

To collect the prize, please, contact our Help Desk: In the e-mail, mention the link of the video taking part in the contest.

First 300 participants get $50

Thank you for taking us on a journey.